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Dumfriesshire memories

Old Mill

From 1954 to 1965, every summer, I would travel from Belgium and spend the entire month of July at the Old Mill in Hightae. I will never forget. I would get on Grandad's bicycle and visit my uncle in Lochmaben, I would also spend hours at the Burgess's farm nearby. I use to love biking to the Post Office in Hightae (J. Laidlaw was her name if I recall correctly). Souvenirs .. souvenirs.

I have never been back to Scotland since but I will simply never forget.

Robert Dalgleish

Where I Lived in 1965

I was born in Dumfries in 1965 we lived above a grocers shop in the High St in Lockerbie which my dad managed for 2 years, I cannot remember what it was called. We are planning to visit next week - I wonder if you can help me?

Lost Sneedons

My gg grandmother, Elizabeth Sneedon, b 1854 in Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire and married to William Charties Edgar from Dunscore in 1782. Looking for info on her father, Grorge Sneedon b 1824 and family who was living at Halleaths in Lochmaben in 1861. He was married to Agnes Moffat b 1821. Daughter, Elizabeth Edgar ( Sneedon ) d 1925 and was buried at Sanquhar.

Childhood Memories

My Granny & Papa lived in the shepherds house in Kettleholm. William and Margaret Morrison. I loved to go and visit them or sleep over. I have lots of memories playing there as a child, watching my Papa bowling, or my dad, John Morrison and my uncle Keith Morrison play cricket at Castlemilk. My dad and uncle both worked for Castlemilk as mechanics. I remember having to be dragged to school by a boy who live close by, his name was Robert Davidson, I believe he is a policeman now. We lived at Beechwood by Castlemilk and I loved to play with Linda Hunter whose grandparents lived next door. I remember exploring the castle grounds and finding overgrown gardens full of gooseberry bushes. Lots of wonderful memories.

Glorious Childhood

Hotel c1955, Ecclefechan
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I was 10 years of age when this photograph was taken in 1955. Ecclefechan was the centre of the world to me at that age. I lived in Castle Acre and had the most wonderful childhood possible. I recall walking the burn under the road from the top of the village to the bottom without the aid of a torch, picking blueberries in the summer on Brownmoor, fishing in the Mein and later, as I got older, the Annan. My Headteacher was Mr Whitby, and other teachers were Mrs Goodwin, Mrs Cunningham and Ms Christie. My friends at the time were all those who played football in the village. I went off to Wallace Hall Academy at the age of 12 but over the next six years maintained good contacts with all my friends in the village. Shops at the time included Horsburgh's, Casbolts, Creighton's, Murray's, the chemist's on the corner and, a little earlier in time, Grove's. We also had two chip shop's over the years but, sadly,... Read more

Hoddam School

I remember going to Hoddam School when Sydney Hope was the Head Master. I remember him being a very fair and nice person. There was a Mrs McBride and a Mrs Davidson that taught there. My Name was Morrison back then. I remember going to Watson's and The Mace for sweeties. I know that the school is no longer there which I think is a shame. It has been a long time since I last was there. I live in Vancouver, Canada now.

Hoddam Primary School

I lived in Ecclefechan from 1958 to 1973. I started Hoddam primary in 1963 and left Hoddam primary school in 1970 to go to Lockerbie Academy. My teachers at Hoddam were :- Primary 1 - Mrs Hope,  Primary 2 - Mrs Patterson,  Primary 3 - Mrs Davidson, Primary 4 & 5 - Mrs McBride and Primary 6 & 7 - Mr Hope. We also had a music teacher called Mrs Collinge who would turn up every wednesday and give us a lesson.  If I can remember correctly some of the people in the class were :- Raymond Davidson, David Cruickshank, Ricky Graham, Shona Creelman, Amy Mason, Isabel McDowell, James Sproat and Joy Little.  Apologies to the others but my brain is struggling after so many years away. The dinner ladies were my gran Edith Gilmour and Mrs Dow.  The Mace shop in the village was run by Ian Murray and his wife Isobel. I was their paperboy for a couple of years (1968 - 1970). There were also Casbolts shop... Read more

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