Halifax, Town Hall 1893

Halifax, Town Hall 1893

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Memories of Halifax

Anyone Remember Halifax Fish

My Dad was born and lived in Halifax. When he was young a family firm which had a stall in the market hall delivered a fish speciality on bicycles with baskets. We all called it "Halifax Fish" and it was a piece of ...Read full memory

A memory of Halifax by Hugh Crabtree

I Was Born Here

I was born in Holmfield in 1934. I went to Moorside School and later Princess Mary High School in Parkinson Lane. I was married in St.Mary's Church, Illingworth in 1954 and lived for a short time back at the home of my birth in ...Read full memory

A memory of Halifax by Brenda Hodgson

The Picture Theatre Halifax Sorry Cant Remember The Name

My eldest sister Lynne and I used to attend the sixpenny matinee. Before joining the queue outside we would walk down to Woolworths and get threepence worth of broken biscuits to share. ...Read full memory

A memory of Halifax by Kathryn Snape

Brunswick Bowl

I saw Elsie Tanner open it in the sixties - cant remember the exact year, my grandma lived in the flats opposite and the Star pub was at the side.

A memory of Halifax by John Midgley

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