Halifax, Town Hall 1900

Halifax, Town Hall 1900

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Memories of Halifax

Bowling Alley

I also went to Akey Place in the early sixties and vividly recall sneaking into the bowling alley by crouching down below the entrance desk. The loud music and bright lights were very American to we kids.

A memory of Halifax by Michael Steward

Crocuses, Halifax Gala And Other Memories.

The crocuses around Savile park Manor Heath and on the way to Scircoat Green were, and still are the first glorious sign of Spring in Halifax. The roundabouts and parks have always been especially lovely ...Read full memory

A memory of Halifax by jane.heighton

I Was Born Here

I was born in Holmfield in 1934. I went to Moorside School and later Princess Mary High School in Parkinson Lane. I was married in St.Mary's Church, Illingworth in 1954 and lived for a short time back at the home of my birth in ...Read full memory

A memory of Halifax by Brenda Hodgson

Mackintosh Homes

I can remember going to visit a lady who lived in the corner house here. It always fascinated me that she had a clock on her mantlepiece with a lady that sat on a swing that used to swing back and forward.

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Set in the foothills of the Pennines, Halifax is one of the great cloth towns of England and has been a producer of cloth since the 13th century. The Town Hall, in the background of this view, was designed in the Italian style by Sir Charles Barry in 1863, and is famous for its extraordinary-looking clock tower. Note also the rough pavement setts and the juddering cobbled road. On the left is a boy selling milk from the churn.

This is an excerpt from Yorkshire Photographic Memories, by Clive Hardy

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