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Bearsted Maternity Hospital

1948 was the year I was born. My parents were living in Twickenham at the time. My mother was admitted to The Bearsted in Hampton Wick and I was born there. It stands only about 100 yards from Hampton Court Palace front gate, in the road directly opposite. It was apparently a VERY hot summer! This summer I went back to Hampton, as part of a 60th birthday treat my husband organised for me and found the building the maternity home had been in. It has recently been converted into luxury flat and is called The Rotary. It was however as my father described it as a large Victorian buliding, with gardens that swept down to the bank of the Thames. I took a photo of it as it is now from the front. I have since discovered that The Bearsted was named after the 1st Viscount Samuel Bearsted who died in 1927. It was a maternity hospital then for the Jewish community. I would love to see photographs of it as it was - so if anyone has any or knows where I could find some it would be great.

Written by Susan Morley. To send Susan Morley a private message, click here.

A memory of Hampton Wick in Surrey shared on Tuesday, 26th August 2008.

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RE: Bearsted Maternity Hospital

I am not sure if you are still interested, but I currently live in the property.

As mentioned above is it now known as Rotary Court. The below link provides a good history of the building; and

I have also found an album on photos on flickr of the building when it was Bearsted Hospital in the 1950's, I hope you find these useful;

If I can help with anyother questions you may have please let me know.
Kind regards,

Comment from Megan De on Tuesday, 22nd April 2014.

RE: Bearsted Maternity Hospital

I was born in the Bearsted Hampton Court. My parents lived in Thames Ditton and my mother having lost one baby wanted to have me in a hospital, whereas in those days she had been recommended to have her baby at home. This was 1951. She told me I was born at lunchtime and as the hospital had a kosher kitchen she was not allowed a cup of tea. As was usual at that time my Dad was not at the birth nor had he been at my older brothers. My brother was walked up and down outside showing off his new coat. When he first saw me he said "she's very nice but we don't want to take her home do we?" As children we often went to the Fair at Hampton Court and visited the palace and I knew the building where I was born. I like that I was born in Middlesex as I later married in Middlesex too. My dad had been a Choirboy at Hampton Court Palace.

Comment from Elizabeth Chapman on Tuesday, 11th February 2014.

RE: Bearsted Maternity Hospital

I was born at the Bearsted Maternity Hospital in July 1945 and although I am not Jewish, I have the evidence to show that it was a Jewish Hospital, if you know what I mean! As others have said my birth place is Hampton Court as stated on my Passport. I now live in Staffordshire where I worked for most of my working life. I believe the building is now apartments and called Rotary Court.

Comment from Graham White on Tuesday, 21st January 2014.

RE: Bearsted Maternity Hospital

Dont know if Jewish; but in March 1943 when I popped out! mum had a Jewish Dr, and no we are not Jewish - must check out my birth certificate... I am now in Clareville. New Zealand.. lovely part of the world. We were from Streatham, left there in 1969 to Surrey, then I came out to Wellington in Oct 1970. I probably will remember the Drs name shortly.. I was told he was a wonderful Dr and was recommended that my mother have him..

Comment from Adele PEntony-Graham on Sunday, 15th September 2013.

RE: Bearsted Maternity Hospital

This is a quick general comment replying to all of yours. Originally I think it was exclusive for the Jewish community but by the time I was born in 1948 it was there for mothers of all faiths, or not as the case might be. Rotary Court is the site of the hospital. Yes, Hampton Court does sound an illustrious address for us all! Thanks for adding to my comments everyone. When I have more time I will do some research and update you. Best Wishes, Sue.

Comment from Susan Morley on Wednesday, 20th March 2013.

RE: Bearsted Maternity Hospital

I was born at Bearstead Hospital in 1954, my mother always reminded me that, as we were not of that faith, she made it quite clear to the hospital that she wanted me to remain 'intact' - well she thought it was funny! I have some records I found on the internet about the hospital which is close to or possibly the same building called Rotary Court now. As fate would have it I have to pass the place nearly every day. But despite many searches no photographs found yet.

Comment from Ed Holford on Tuesday, 19th March 2013.

RE: Bearsted Maternity Hospital

If anyone knows anything about a part of Hampton Court Palace being annexed by the hospital during WW2, please let me know. They certainly annexed the yacht club. London was being heavily bombed when I was born in February 1944 so the maternity hospital would have been full to overflowing.

Comment from Stuart Goldman on Tuesday, 8th May 2012.

RE: Bearsted Maternity Hospital

My Birth Certificate shows that I was born at Bearsted Memorial Hospital on October 27 1948. My mother described it as a "Jewish Nursing Home" near Hampton Court Palace. She told me that an unexploded bomb was found near or under the hospital. My parents and I moved to Canada in 1952. I've only been to Twickenham once, that was in 2010 when I visited my cousins for a day. I've never seen the place where I was born,.

Comment from Alan Brown on Monday, 12th March 2012.

RE: Bearsted Maternity Hospital

I now live in New Zealand and from this distance I can't feel certain about the exact location of my birthplace as there appears to be two possibilities. However my birth certificate has Bearsted Memorial Hospital, Hampton, Twickenham. From what I gather this was an annex to the main Jewish hospital in Lordship Road some 20 miles away? I believe the site now has some 5 luxury units on it and I have managed to get a photo of this... I would appreciate comments.

Comment from Martin Gibson on Tuesday, 4th October 2011.

RE: Bearsted Maternity Hospital

I too was born in Bearsted Memorial Hospital and I used to tell everyone I was born in Hampton Court! Well, they are very close.

Comment from Sandy Chitty on Tuesday, 24th May 2011.

RE: Bearsted Maternity Hospital

I was also born at the Bearsted in December 1951 and I always say I was born at Hampton Court!! Infact my passport says that too! I had no idea it was a Jewish hospital which is interesting because to the best of my knowledge I have no family Jewish connections only my "Godfather" which has always seemed a little strange and might now make sense. Was the Bearsted exclusively Jewish?

Comment from Amanda Clymo on Friday, 6th July 2012.

RE: Bearsted Maternity Hospital

I was born in Bearstead Memorial Hospital in the summer of 1955. Due to my mother going into labour whilst visiting family in East Molesey. My parents told me that on the day that I was born a WW11 bomb was being excavated so shortly after birth I was moved to a hospital in Kingston. Nonetheless I still feel very proud and get a buzz to see my birth place as Hampton Court on my passport.

Comment from Roger Birch on Monday, 17th March 2014.


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