Memories of Harrogate

Montpellier Night Club

Montpelier night club down the hill from the war memorial. Does anyone remember the club in the 1960s? The night club was one of best late night spots in Yorkshire. Dance floor, meals, bar and gaming room. Cabaret artists each week. 5 bob to get in, 1/9d half a pint. Very dear in those days. Jimmy Cummings was the ...Read full memory

A memory of Harrogate by John White


In 1885 a Tom Gascoigne was baptised in Christchurch in Harrogate. His parents were Thomas John Gascoigne and Florence Nightingale (nee King). The address given on the baptisal certificate is Clarendon Hotel, Harrogate. Thomas is recorded as 'hotelkeeper'. By 1901 he has died and the census shows that Florence is a 'hotel ...Read full memory

A memory of Harrogate

George James Mc Conney

Ironically this picture represents two important monuments relating to my maternal uncle. At St. Peter's Church on the right is where he sang as a choir boy. The war memorial on the left immortalizes his death in 1943 at age 20. His name appears on the side facing the church. He served in 1st Airborne, Division ...Read full memory

A memory of Harrogate by Carole Hudon

Pen Pal

I remember corresponding with a lad named Malcolm Richardson at 2 Claro Ave County Estate during WWII. I have often wondered if he is still alive and where he is. I understand that children were brought from the larger cities to Harrogate to protect them from the bombing by the Germans. I was a school boy in the US and names were ...Read full memory

A memory of Harrogate by Jerry Lee

Church On Kings Road.

yes I remember the church was called the Elim hall I went to Sunday school there whith my 2 brothers tony and Thomas about 1958

A memory of Harrogate by fonty2

Church On Kings Road

Does anybody have a picture of the church on Kings Road that was knocked down to build the International Hotel?

Bikes At Baines Corner

I really do remember Baines Bros bike shop - good memories. I bought my BSA there and met all the boys on our bikes at seven thirty every night there - then we looked at the bikes and went to the grotto at Knaresbrough, then on to Wetherby or anywhere there were any more bikes. I loved those days, Peter Dunning ...Read full memory

A memory of Harrogate by Peter Dunning

Elim Hall

that was the Elim Hall

A memory of Harrogate by brian

Muriel Curries Memory Of Living In Harrogate

I remember working at the Stylo shoe store on Cambridge Street, also at the Timpsons shoe store on Cambridge Street and later on at the Robert  Hirst raincoat factory in Oatlands. Hello to anyone who remembers me, my E-Mail address is:  My home address is ...Read full memory

A memory of Harrogate by Muriel Grasso

Relatives Of Charles Alan Foster

Would like to get in touch with anyone related to or having known Charles Alan Foster's family. He was born in 1906 - married to Edith E Cooper and went to Australia in 1950. I believe this to be my father and know his last address was 51 St Clements Road. He also had a business in John Street (he was a ...Read full memory

A memory of Harrogate by Joyce Kent

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