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Haselbury Plucknett

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Memories of Haselbury Plucknett

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Growing up in Haselbury Plucknet

I lived at Haselbury at Newclose number 31, next to the football field. I have been trying to locate an old mate of mine, his name is Michael Dobbs, his family used to run the White Horse pub in the village, his father was Jim Dobbs the landlord.

What's in A Name?

My surname is Plucknett. Today I discovered the village of 'Haselbury Plucknett', not in the flesh of course, sadly, but when I Googled my surname to discover its history I found I had a namesake, in the shape of a village in Somerset. I am now wondering if there is any history on the name, and where it originated from? I believe the name Plucknett means 'Blanket maker' - wouldn't it be lovely if blanket making was a regular trade once upon a time in Haselbury. My name was traced back to the 11th Century, around the Norman invasion, Haselbury Plucknett must also be a village that's from that period, how exciting I think it is to discover so much about one's name but desire so much more. Are you a Plucknett living in Somerset? Do you know the history of the village?

Grandfather Hatcher

My grandfather, Frederick John Scott Hatcher, married a Guernsey girl, Alice Bougourd. There are Bougourds buried in the Churchyard at Haselbury. I believe the family lived in Haselbury Plucknett, and I know that Grandfather received a grammar school education courtesy of the 'big house' and that he was employed there as a coachman.  I know the steward's name was ? Parsons but I should love to know who lived at the Big House because there has to be a reason why a stonemason's son went to grammar school. I believe one of the family became the village midwife. I am a Jersey woman, far from home and living in Cornwall, retired and trying to trace my roots.  Can you help? One clue is the China warehouse of Thomas Bullen(?).  He used my Guernsey great family boats to export to Guernsey and we used to export cod back to England which we caught on the Gaspe cod banks. Grandfather Hatcher taught Parisien French to Dr Lille's daughters and at the same... Read more

Somerset memories


I was evacuated during World War 2., and stayed with a Major & Mrs Hayward in North Perrott. I returned in 1957 and met Mrs Hayward again, very briefly. Once again, about five years ago, my husband and I visited the village and met Maurice Lane and his wife. We had lunch at the local pub. I remember the School House. Also remember the Major's house. Cannot remember the year I was evacuated. Would love to see photographs of that period.

I Was Born in Merriott

I was born in Merriott, Sept 1st  1960, in the bedroom of my parents' cottage opposite the nursery garden centre.
My mum is June Elliott (Hooper family from Merriott) and my dad John Elliott (kingsbury Episcopi). I lived there  until moving to Worcester in 1963. My aunties and uncles still live in the village with some of my cousins. I live in Lincolnshire with my husband Allan, we have 2 daughters Abbe and Aprille.

Smokey Joe, The Tramp of Misterton, Somerset

The Cross Roads c1955, Misterton
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Smokey Joe, the tramp of Misterton, Somerset, lived in an old stone building just past the chapel cemetery. He would make a  fire and sleep on the hot ashes, it's a wonder he never caught himself on fire. He always tapped people's doors on Sunday and asked for hot water, he would give you a glass bottle to put it in, he would then wait outside the Baptist Chapel, where he was given biscuits by Gladys Young the Sunday School teacher. The old stone building by the crossroads was Misterton prison lockup, and is still there.  I wrote a book on Misterton called 'A Step Back In Time' as I was born there in 1950.

Ancestory Home

Globe Inn c1955, Misterton
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I have been researching my ancestry and with help from some good people I have discovered my great-great-great-grandfather and his family moved to the Globe Inn in 1850 and remained there for the rest of their lives. Daniel Bowditch died in 1879 and his wife Alice died in 1890. Their son John Bowditch my 2 x great-grandfather, it appears took over the running of the inn in 1881. I would love to come and see it for myself, but as I live in Australia, it might be a bit of a trip for a couple of drinks. Sharon

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