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Family History

I visited Heywood in November 2010, to see for myself the area where my family originated sometime in the 1600's. I know that was a long time ago, but, I swear, when I walked up Bury New Road to the top of Summit and then ventured into the farmer's field (that borders the Lower Lomax Farm) I could feel the connection tugging at me through the centuries. I am American but I truly felt as if I had come "home". Heywood is a wonderful little town and I like the fact that it is still primarily working class. I plan to return soon. The people are top also.

The Summit

My great memories of the summit, known because of the summit pub, my grandad's local, what a great place to live, open fields, good neighbours. My gran and grandad moved there in 1936, a house full of love and laughter. Me and mum lived there with her 8 brothers and sisters, Saturday nights were card night. I remember Piggots butchers, my gran used to say to him, no fat on the meat, i don't pay for fat. She was a very good cook and baker, I can smell her fresh muffins on my way home from school, Heady hill. The Co-op was on the corner with mona's chippy on the opposite one, the Towler pub was opposite mona's chippy. Taylors farm where I used to walk along the wall where the pigs were, Lomax Lane at the top was the sand quarry, my friend Lorna and I were told not to go there, but we did. The dye works where I used to crawl through the big pipes outside. These... Read more

Lancashire memories

Bygone Days

St Gabriel's Church And School 1951, Castleton
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This was my first school. We came from kirkholt to Castleton every day to school. I remember Mrs O'Brien Miss Cleary and Miss O'Leary. Miss O Learys' class room had a large open fireplace in it. We used to go on nature walks on what is possibly the motorway now.

My First School

St Gabriel's Church And School 1951, Castleton
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The year i started school at st Gabriels. I remember being carried up the hill by my mother and being met at the school entrance by Miss Cleary! She was a rather fat lady dressed all in brown and wearing a brown cardigan. Very welcoming i recall. but i was terrified and did'nt want to be there! I waited for playtime and took the opportunity to run away! I think i got within shouting distance of home before being caught by two of the bigger lads and taken back to school. So ended my bid for freedom! Hated the place from then on as i recall.

Childhood Freedom

Born in the highest house in High Crompton next to the butchers, I spent much of my childhood exploring the hills above the village. My memories of the Gypsy Blood stream, Coal Pit Lane, Gravel Hole meant little at the time other than wild places. Now I can relate them all to my own family in the area. Like another comment, I worked at Osram in my long school holidays and my mum worked at Joe Cleggs mill.

Growing up in Castleton

I was born in 1947 at Birch Haill Hospital and lived in Castleton, first on Manchester Road and later Alder Road until I got married at St. Gabriel's Church. My maiden name was Jackson. I attended Castleton Council School before Rochdale Technical School, and attended St. Martin's Church where I was a member of the Church Girls Brigade and St. Martin's Amateur Dramatic Society. I appeared in many pantomimes and have very fond memories of my childhood in Castleton. My family attended the socials where we learnt to dance with the help of Mrs Gamble's dancing classes for tap, ballet and modern dancing. we have had many reunions from Castleton County Primary School. I learnt to swim at Castleton baths. I also spent many hours at Castleton Library. Does anyone remember going swimming at the Riviera outdoor pool in Norden? We must have had better summers in the "olden days" because we used to take a picnic and stay all... Read more

Castleton of Old

I moved to Melville Street, Castleton in 1956 at the age of 9. I went to Cassie council school, learnt to swim at Castleton baths taught by Ted Murphy, taken there from school by Pop Wright. Castleton was a nice place to live then, not like today with its drug and yob culture. Spent many happy hours playing on the rec and horse riding at Schofields stables. Fell in love with Angela Carter from no 33 when I was 14 (she didn't know it). Left Castleton in 1965 when got wed, it would be nice to be able to go back to those happy days.

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