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Memories of Hightown

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West Yorkshire memories

My Evacution Days

During the last year of the war I was evacuted to Allerton Bywater. When I arrived we were stood on the stage of the village hall and I was the last one left when a Mr and Mrs Parkinson, who already had 4 children, took me in for the last year of the war. Mr Parkinson was in charge of the pit ponies down the local mine. Mrs Parkinson used to make the local ice cream for the village. On Sunday's, with her sons, we used to pump the local organ in the church. My parents kept in touch after the war, but finally lost contact.

Recollections of Altofts

My memories are a bit faded now but I have checked things with my older brothers and they can remember more than me. We were evacuated there during the war. I was born in 1943 and have just celebrated my 70th! My mother met her 2nd husband there and his name was William Henry Griffiths. He was an ex miner and suffered a serious chest condition and only had one lung. After the war we would visit Altofts for a holiday staying at the Griffiths home. I have tried to find the street but could not find it. I think the house was near a railway line. The house and the front garden were separated by the road and the toilet was also across the road! I remember going to the cinema in Wakefield on the bus with my two brothers and spending our return bus fare on sweets and attempted to walk home but got lost and were found by the police and taken back in a police car!... Read more

The Altofts Village

I have lived in the Altofts village since 1940 and have lots of memories. At the present time I am writing a book about Altofts by virtue of a grant from The Heritage Lottery Fund, I would be grateful for any memories, photos etc for the book. The book has to be completed before January 2013. My Telephone number is 01924 893503 Thank you Christine

Normanton High Street

High Street c1965, Normanton
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The shop (bottom left, with pram outside) was Babyland, the town's toy shop since at least the 1920's. My father bought his first bicycle there when he began work at the age of 14 in 1928.


High Street c1965, Normanton
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I grew up in Normanton and have many happy memories .... I went to the Church of England Primary school ... walked over the farm fields with my Dad under the old railway line and on to Loscoe Lane to the Bluebell wood .... all gone now I'm afraid ... a motorway and Industrial Estate .... played tennis in the park .... later went on to Normanton Girls High School ..also disappeared ... sad

I went back for a visit 2 weeks ago and it wasn't the Normanton I remembered

School Days And Friends-Normanton Girls High School

High Street c1965, Normanton
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The Beta class was never a teacher's favourite, but we enjoyed being just that little bit riotous. I remember cycling to school and leaving the bicycle in the bicycle shed and it was always there at end of school. Friends like Frances Walmsley, Janet Codner, Sylvia Crewe, Jean Sargent, Janis Timms, Christine Friend, Lorraine Phelps, Doreen Brain and many more. Tennis in the park and the Saturday school tennis matches. I Know Frances moved to Australia, if anyone does know any contacts for her or any of the above old girls I would love to hear from you. Does anyone remember Beckbridge Estate prefabs. The estate social club, built by my dad and many of the other dads on the estate. Those were the days. Please contact me if possible on E-mail

The Old Days

High Street c1965, Normanton
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Hi, I am Linda Atkinson, nee Halford, I was brought up on the Gypsy Lane estate, attending Woodhouse Junior school and remember the carnivals/parades held on the village green. My best friends were Nancy and Maria Churms, and Lynne Ramsey. A whole gang of us used to play out on the Green or in the street, kick can, rounders, whip and top, hide and seek, or just skipping. We would stay out from morning until our parents called us in for the night. I remember going to the bluebell woods in summer, and the Hilly Fields in winter to ride down the hill in the snow on pieces of old tin from Granma's hearth, and going home frozen to the core and wet through but had loads of fun. The town had its own characters, Milly with her whip and top who always told you she "liked you", and Amos who used to dress up in a cape like Batman. and I also recall a man who's name has slipped from... Read more

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