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Visit in 2010

High Street c1955, Horbury
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I stayed in Horbury in 2010 and went shopping with my sister in High St. The Co-op is now a big shop.

Lockwoods of Horbury Circa 1800s-1880s

I just read letters from long past ancestors that state they grew up in wonderful times in Horbury. Joseph Drake Lockwood, brother, Thomas, sister, Nancy and sister Elizabeth. Elizabeth and husband, Joseph Fisher, moved to America to start a Woollen Clothing Company. She brought her daughter Francis with her. The letters are very interesting. From the years 1868, 71, 81, 85 and 91. They were no longer living in Horbury but were longing for the youthful days they had there, it seems as if they were falling on hard times around 1870's.

My Youth

I was born at Springend near Horbury in 1948, lived at 40 Northfield Lane, Horbury emigrated to Australia in 1961. I remember the Library, spent hours there reading the famous five books and secret seven, still do. Whites fish and chip shop opposite the church where I can still remember the incense, yuk, bought a bag of bits for 2 pence, went to the Church of England school, Brownies and Guides, roamed down around Horbury Junction, train spotting, went to Horbury Secondary Modern School, played in the large field before it became the modern school, went to school lunches in the town hall, yummy, saw the coronation on this funny little TV screen in the town hall. Played in the park, went down the avenues to play, so many memories and loved the Littles sweet shop, sticks of liquorice for 1/2 penny and sherbert, then there was another little weeny shop full of magic opposite the bus stop, St Marys Church, the chapel at Horbury Junction, memories, memories, can... Read more

The House of Mercy - Horbury

My mother in law was sent from Herefordshire to the House of Mercy (later the Convent of St. Peter) in about 1925 (aged 12/13). She left in 1927 and was put into service in London. I have traced some documents in the Wakefield Archives but I am unable to understand the reason why she was sent to Horbury from Hereford. Her name was Bessie Eileen Jones. Her grandmother surname was Prosser. Could she have been sent to be near members of the family? Could her estranged father (William John Jones (Jack)) have lived in Horbury. I would be grateful for any information. Jennifer

The Cluntergate Man

This old bloke used to haul this massive horse-wagon up Cluntergate, on a regular basis. I mean Cluntergate was this hill... 1 in 12 about... and this bloke used to haul this massive horse-drawn wagon up to the top and beyond. I never knew where he went, or where he came from. He wasn't very big, only a small, scrawny feller, but he never ceased to amaze me.

When I think I'm not getting a fair deal, I remember him... he was inspirational.

West Yorkshire memories

Market Place

Market Place c1955, Ossett
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I was brought up in Ossett from 1948 to 1966 when I joined the armed forces. I remember very well every Saturday afternoon we would go to the palladium picture house opposite the town hall. We did not have a bus station at that time so all buses would park around the town hall. Shops that spring to mind were Inghams sports on station road, Fords toy shop, and good fish and chip shops, and many others. Every Spring Bank Holiday we would all gather for the big parade from Gawthorp about a mile away to Ossett town center. With bands playing, horses, decorated wagons and fancy dress, it was a sight to see. There were public toilets underground in front of the town hall, they were closed about 1961 - not demolished, just covered over. As far as I am aware they are still there. We lived down Queens Drive and would walk home down Intake Lane, past the open cast mine and over the railway crossing. Gradually we saw... Read more


My ealiest memory was the time I spent in my grandmother,s house. I believe the street where she lived was in South Ossett. As far as I know the street is no longer there. My maiden name was Hewitt.

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