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Hove Town Hall Fire

The Town Hall 1898, Hove
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I think it was 1964 that the Town Hall burnt down. I remember it well. I was about 11 at the time. I do remember that at the back of the TH, was the Police Station. My brother and I got in some "trouble" and the two of us were taken into the Cop Shop, and given a serious reprimand...I think they threatened to put us in the cells for an hour!!. Didn't deter us, still managed to get into trouble, kids stuff.

We moved originally from Glasgow to Bognor Regis, then to Livingstone Road, where my Mum operated a VG corner grocery store. We then moved to Hove Park Villas, and the house is still in the family.

Wonder if anyone remembers the store. Next door was the dry cleaners ( I think) then Hopkins the Greengrocers. We had another Grocery store right next door to us, but that was the way it was back then...baker across the street, butcher a few doors up, hardware store across the way, and the Royal Exchange pub dead opposite. My first crush was the landlords daughter, I think her name was Alana, red head with freckles

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A memory of Hove in East Sussex shared on Sunday, 14th March 2010.

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RE: Hove Town Hall Fire

That brings back memories as I lived in Clarendon Road as a child and went to the old Goldstone Junior School, I remember all the shops like Mr Chipping the newsagent and Hiscocks on the corner of Clarendon Road, the chip shop in Shirley Street and of course Hopkins the green grocers he used to give us kids speccy apples, I'm sure I remember the VG shop too. My father took me down to see the Town Hall after the fire to see it, what a shame it burnt down, it was a lovely old building? Also played upstairs in The Exchange as Alanna was a friend of a friend!!!

Comment from Molly Lighton on Wednesday, 23rd October 2013.


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