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Fun on The Ferry

High Street c1955, Hythe
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Around about l956/57 we would all go to dances or parties in Southampton and of course, from memory, the last bus home to Hythe/Holbury/Fawley/Calshot was about 10.30p.m. Inevitably we girls missed it so there was a mad dash through Southampton to the docks to get the last ferry home which went about 10.45 p.m. I think. The skipper had always cast off but the harbour police who were nearby used to yell out and the ferry would tread water so to speak and the police would pick us up and throw us on board . It was such good fun. I expect Health and Safety would frown mightily on such antics now. We would recite Shakespeare, much adulterated, to give the other passengers a laugh and generally play silly bs. I remember one night after going to a Buddy Holly concert being left behind by the rest of the group and luckily getting backstage to meet the Crickets and Buddy; they drew little cartoon bugs all over... Read more

Holidays in Hythe

Langdon Estate c1955, Hythe
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In the 60's, from 1965, I spent holidays (summer and Christmas ) at Langdown Rd with Mrs Spell and at Win and Bert Taylor's. I am French, I was 22 - 23 years old. Richard Spell and Ronnie Taylor were musicians and played in a group. A good friend, Tony Lowe, lived in Hythe (the Mead, Mullins estate) and played trumpet in the group. We kept exchanging letters until 1968; the last time we met I was engaged and he had a girl friend, might be at Christmas '68. I remember afrernoons and evenings (midnight baths) at Calshot beach and crossing by ferry and 'Captain Patch' to Southampton. If anyone knows Tony Lowe, please let me know as I would like to send him mail after all these years. Thanks for your help, Marie-José.

French Kid

Entrance to West Cliff Hall Hotel c1955, Hythe
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I was a french kid like can see and used to come in Hythe to my grand-parents house not very far from here in Hotspur Close. And I have meet a girl that was the grand daughter of Mr Stewart that as own the West Cliff Hall and his son and grand daugther as lived in this house that I stIll have in my head !!!

Langdown Road Hythe

Langdon Estate c1955, Hythe
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Although I was born at 160 Langdown Road in 1956 (Peckham), my first memory is in 1961 when I first went to school. The neighbours I remember are the Knapp, McGill, Hosey, Black, West, Anzak, Flood, Dyer, Ham, Vaughan, Cooper, Broomfield, Smith and Cane.


High Street c1955, Hythe
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I remember going to Leesons (Private School). It was run by Mr and Mrs Leeson with the assistance of their daughter Joy - sadly it was closed many years ago and there is a developement of several houses built on the site now. I think it was in Southampton Road, it was the road that linked Fawley to Holbury (bypassing The Pentagon and Blackfield). I worked for Ken Wheeler briefly, delivering the Echo each evening. My passion in those days was horses (still love them), I would spend most weekends down at Mopley at a riding stables owned by Albert Nicholas. I went to Hardley School for 2 years after Leesons closed. I also remember the Esso Club and the Saturday night dances - it was the only place to go to for social life in those days.

My Old House

Langdon Estate c1955, Hythe
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Just out of view on the right is 18 Langdown Road, my old house for over 20 years, from 1959 to the early 1980s. My old neighbours were Tony Beasant and his sister Pauline, Cheryl Broomfield (who had a big crush on me back then), her brother Stephen and sister Anita, Tony Rogers who lived at no.14, so many friends, we all used to play on the green at the front of the house until it got dark and our mums had to call us in. Over the road lived Michael Cofey, Bernie Dibden, Angela Dibden. I also went to Langdown Infants then Langdown Junior and lastly Noadswood schools. I now live in Christchurch NewZealand, but would like to hear from anybody who remembers me. My email is

May 1958 Stay

West Cliff Hall Hotel c1955, Hythe
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Our family stayed at the Westcliff Hall Hotel for a couple of weeks in May 1958. My father was working for Esso Chemicals in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, and was on temporary assignment to start up the Fawley Refinery. I was only eight but I remember the hotel, the food (not so great), and the wonderful lawn on which my brother and I would play until late evening (since the days were long that time of year). We later moved to Lymington for the rest of the summer. It is great to see this picture although I remember the back side of the hotel more.

Philip Streets

Langdon Estate c1955, Hythe
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This is the photo in the distance of the house where I was brought up (from Dec 1952 to March 1964) with my three brothers, Michael, Alan and twin Roger, N° 1 Abbey Close. Our neighbours were Mr and Mrs Orchard with their two sons Malcolm and Melvin and on the other side Mr and Mrs Jewel with their three daughters.

I remember well the names of all the families around us and those we used to play cricket and football with on the green in front of the house. We also went to school at the Langdown Infant school and Primary prior to moving on to Noadswood.

I now live in France with my wife Danielle and our children and would be glad to hear from anyone who remembers us.

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