Ickenham, Swakeleys House c.1965

Ickenham, Swakeleys House c.1965

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Memories of Ickenham

St Giles Church.

We moved to Ickenham in early 1960s and attended the parish church of St Giles. It is a very old church, once belonging to the estate of Swakeleys House, and is on the corner of a very busy T junction, but when inside it is ...Read full memory

A memory of Ickenham by Heather Holden

Glebe Avenue Parade Of Shops

..or 1959 to 1964 The other grocers on that parade may have been the DeHond family, I think that they originated in Belgium? A very pleasant, kindly, hardworking family. I used to help out by driving their ...Read full memory

Glebe Farm House. 1936.

My family were the last people to occupy Glebe Farm House, Glebe Ave, Ickenham. The area is now called Cloverlly Close. It was built in the 17th Century as a rectory. We lived there from 1933 to 1936, then moved up ...Read full memory

A memory of Ickenham by Eric Hazell

The Raf Estate

We lived on the RAF estate in Ickenham during the late 1950s, in a semi-detached house at 14 Nettleton Road. Every RAF home mirrored the next; their furnishings were also identical. You could move from Scotland to England (which ...Read full memory

A memory of Ickenham by Mo Haarhoff

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Sir Edmund Wright, sometime Lord Mayor of London, built this lovely Jacobean house. A later owner, Sir Robert Vyner, notoriously cooked one of his deceased servants, displaying the corpse in an open coffin to visitors - a macabre spectacle that delighted Samuel Pepys, who recorded the event in his diary.