Kippford, The Harbour c.1955

Memories of Kippford

Cummings In Kippford

My GGG Grandfather was a shipbuider in Kippford.  His name was John Cumming.

A memory of Kippford by Wendy Roberts
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The picturesque village of Kippford is set close to the mouth of the River Urr downstream from Dalbeattie, on the eastern shore of the estuary. It was once a significant coastal packet port, and sloops and other vessels were built on the narrow shore. In early days they had to be launched sideways on, a difficult and often perilous procedure. By the 1920s shipbuilding had declined, and in the years since Kippford has become a popular yachting centre, its harbour and channel busy with visiting boats in the summer months.

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