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I wish someone would start up a Kirkleatham History Group, the place just oozes history. and.... there have been Mowbrays in Kirkleatham for over 150 years. Mowbray history researcher and former residen (Anne).

Memories of Cleveland

Where I Lived,And my Father Worked

I was born Norma Sanderson in 1947 at the hall. My father was chauffeur for Leroy Lewis. I was christened in St Cuthberts and I remember as a little girl seeing a plaque on the wall of the church with the name Leroy Lewis on it, my dad drove her in a big black car on her trips, I think to London.

Growing up in Yearby

Hi, I lived in Yearby from 1951 to 1966, I went to the village school, teacher was a Miss Lord, I had lots of fun. Children from Dunsdale joined in to make around 20 attending. Fond memories of all the people who lived there during my time. The village has changed a lot, do not know if it is for the better. I lived with my parents and brother Richard at No 1 Fishpond Road before moving into a new home at the back of Raine's garage, courtesy of the farm owner George Towers who my father worked for all the time we lived in Yearby. If anyone wants any information, providing I can remember please do get in touch. Cheers.

My Visits to Dormanstown.

My mother came from Dormanstown and my grandparents, Ellen and James Mitchell, lived at 67, Broadway West. This was a Dorman-Long house as my grandfather and an uncle worked for the Dorman-Long Steel Works. I spent many a school holiday there and remember walking to the steel works with my granddad's lunch and watching the molten steel pour out and the furnaces rage. Health and safety would not allow this today! Industry at that time was the steel works and I.C.I, where two uncles worked. My granddad had an allotment, which was more of a smallholding. He had a goat which he milked and a pig called Chrissie. I remember riding on her back. There were also chickens etc as well as vegetables. I went shopping with my grandma, locally in Waitrose and sometimes in Stockton or Middlesborough. She always wore a hat with a hat-pin through it and was very much a lady. She originated in Littlehampton, Sussex so Yorkshire was a different way of life to her. I loved the... Read more

Leaving Dormanstown For Australia

I lived in Dormanstown till I was 10 and my family emigrated to Perth, Western Australia. We lived at 134 Broadway West. I have only been back once in 1996, but only for a day to bury my mother who passed away over there. I Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or my family from that time.

Eleanor Joan Urwin

Children on The Promenade 1929, Redcar
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I believe the girl walking on the left is my mother Joan Outhwaite (nee Urwin). We have a similar photo of Mum in Redcar.

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