Memories of Leicester

Abbey Park

I will always remember regular family trips to Abbey Park, fishing in the Soar, hiring the metal pedal boats and many other memories. I always remember that the one day of the week that we used to go to the park was nearly always on a Sunday, this was the one day of the week that most families used go out for recreation and its ...Read full memory

A memory of Leicester by Roy Lowe

De Montfort Rocked

Good to see DeMontfort Hall as it used to be. It was a great venue to see bands there. Once the small blues clubs had ran their course bands needed larger venues to ply their trade, De Montfort was one of the first, I saw Rory Gallagher, John Hiseman's Collesseum,Yes, Sutherland Brothers/Quiver and never to be forgotten ...Read full memory

A memory of Leicester by Mick Austin

King Richards Road

We moved from Willesden in London to Kingrichards Road, Leicester when I was 5 yrs old in 1965. I went to King Richards Infants with my brother, Wayne. The building I think was something to do with a church, I think, an old chapel or church hall. It was just a couple of mins from our shop, where we lived with our ...Read full memory

A memory of Leicester by Tina Mile

Corts Ltd Of Cheapside

I've put "1948" as the date as that's about the earliest I remember Corts Ltd, on the corner of Cheapside and Silver Street in this photo. The ironmongers and builders merchants business (formerly Cort & Paul until some time in the 1920s/1930s) was owned by my grandfather David Charles who leased the premises from ...Read full memory

A memory of Leicester by John Ling

School Dance Display

The Wyggeston Girls Grammar School put on a Dance display for Parents. I remember my mum & younger sister coming to watch and my friend and I took them to a local espresso bar afterwards. I also recall a visit with my dad to see Swan Lake c1949. And I've seen Ray Charles a couple of times in the 60s, also Oscar Peterson, ...Read full memory

A memory of Leicester by Maggie Martin

Stone Flags

I remember living in a terraced Street close to 'Vikky Park' as a child. We used to visit the war memorial after standing in the freezing cold watching my Dad play football... sometimes you couldn't even see the game for the fog. I remember being astonished when reaching up to touch the flags inside the memorial one day, I ...Read full memory

Thomas Pritchard Chief Constable Circa 1780s

My wife Merlyn's great, great, grandfather, Thomas Pritchard, held the position of Chief Constable in Hereford during the 1770's to 1790's. He had seven sons, and the youngest, Thomas, born in 1831, migrated to Australia in the Horizon and settled in Bendigo, Victoria in 1857, as a result of ...Read full memory

Life In The Old Days

I was born in Belgrave, Holden Street in 1947 I. Have great Memories of those Wonderful days growing up their All the kids in our Street played together outside in all weathers, , In School Holidays we played simple games then,Girls swapped beads and played snobs, double ball and skipping too verses we made ...Read full memory

A memory of Leicester by littlevj222

The Eclipse Pub

The public house in this picture is 'The Eclipse'. I lived in the Eclipse as a small boy in the mid 1950s. My bedroom was on the top floor. I use to lie in bed at night and watch the Bovril electric sign across the road. My grandfather and grandmother kept the pub, their names were Charlie and Elsie Haigue. As small boys we ...Read full memory

Woodgate, Frog Island

During the war my grandparents moved from Great Yarmouth to Leicester, my grandmother worked at Freres biscuit factory in Woodgate, my father went to Slater Street School and they lived in Henry Street. It was a cul-de-sac leading on to Central Street Railway Station. Can anybody tell me just out of interest if any of ...Read full memory

A memory of Leicester by Lee Orbell

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