Carshalton, St Helier Hospital c.1961

Carshalton, St Helier Hospital c.1961

Neg. C38046

Memories of Carshalton


This brings back memories of my Grandmother Daphne telling me how her father's company was responsible for building the war memorial and gardens. Wadcrete, which was based over on the ...Read full memory

All Saints Church, The Ponds

I have wonderful memories of the Ponds, I would go stickleback fishing with my Dad armed with a jam jar and fishing net on the end of a bamboo stick. Bread for the ducks ...Read full memory

A memory of Carshalton by Mandy Beller

Looking For Someone From Carshalton

Hi, my mother-in-law, Barbara Linford was a student at Carshalton (or Sutton General - are they the same?) from 1961-1964 I think. Does anyone remember her? She was very close to a young Dr Bhatia as well and we'd be keen to see if anyone remembers him and knows anything of him now??

Welbeck Cs Boys School

My dad attended this school in the 60's/70's does anyone else remember this school or go to it? I would love to find out more about this school as I am building my Family Tree ...Read full memory

A memory of Carshalton by Kerry Hurle

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