Memories of Collyhurst

Collyhurst Dwelling

My dad's family lived in the Collyhurst dwellings around 1910 - 1940 not sure exact dates; their name was Hill and there were 12 in all, 6 brothers and 6 sisters. Does anyone remember any of the Hills? If so, it would be nice to hear from you. Michael's daughter, Angela.

A memory of Collyhurst by Angela Hill

Gloria Cassons' Memories Of Collyhurst

Hi, I'm Gloria Casson, born in Crumsull Hospital. I went to St James School and St James Church. My mother's name was Mary Casson, I lived in Collyhurst Flats, ...Read full memory

Birtle Street

It would be great to hear from anybody who was around Dalton Street , Worth Street, Danzic Street, or who went to the Rex picture house, played on Barnies, Bobs Hill, went in Jock ...Read full memory

Olden Days

We used to play on Barney's hills, also known locally as Ashes. I also remember the May Queen and Molly Dancers, the herbalist shop on Rochdale Road, and happy days playing in the muck ...Read full memory

A memory of Collyhurst

Northern Drive

hi my name is trevor reece I was born in 1968 my mum and dad lived at 28 northern drive arround the time of the murderd women who livedat 35 god rest her soul.I went to st james ...Read full memory

From The Beginning!

I was born in 1938 in Needwood Street off Rochdale Road. My Mam and Dad were allocated a new flat in Kingsley Crescent when I was a year old so all my memories are of the 'flats'. ...Read full memory

Tin School

I lived at 13 Belmot Stret, I went to the tin school in the 1950s, the headmaster was Mr Munie, he used to have a leather strap in his office. I have a picture of when I was playing for ...Read full memory

Street Lights With Amrs.

Hi, Herbert here. As a very small boy, locked away in my head, I suddenly remember street lights; they were funny street lights with arms. Well, every night a man used to ...Read full memory

A memory of Collyhurst

Gervis Road Collyhurst Flats 1945 1964

My name is Tom Smith, I was born in 17 Gervis Rd, Collyhurst flats in August 1945. My dad was Jack Smith and my mam was Ada; there were 6 kids, John, Mary, ...Read full memory

A memory of Collyhurst by Tom Smith

St James School

Does anyone remember Lizzie Tinker who lived in Nicolson Street, and Annie Reid? Lizzie's children; Mary, John, Fred, Madge and Ethel. Annie's children; Billy and Sylvia. Mary's ...Read full memory

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