Congleton, Lawton Street 1898

Congleton, Lawton Street 1898

Neg. 42154

Memories of Congleton

Grim Days

US army military police stationed on bridge during WW2

A memory of Congleton by Roy Bowyer

Congleton Baths

Congleton Open Air Baths during the 50/60s. It had the entrance of a theatre, 2 steps up with an overhanging portico and glass doors that opened up to a foyer. It was well painted ...Read full memory

A memory of Congleton by Alec Coles

Easter Hols

We used to come over from Conisbrough near Doncaster with my mam and dad, Raymond Dawson, who came from Buglawton, William Street if I remember, and every year we would watch the carnival ...Read full memory

A memory of Congleton by securityshaun

Congleton Rugby Union Football Club

I was born at the Congleton War Memorial Hosipital and was christened at St Stephen's Church; just above the wall which borders Hankinson's field to the right of ...Read full memory

A memory of Congleton by Val Carter

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About this photo

In the 17th century the Congleton Corporation had just enough money in the kitty to buy a new Bible for the parish church. However, the town bear suddenly died, leaving the town facing something of a dilemma. With only enough cash to buy either the Bible or a new bear, the choice was simple: a new bear.

This is an excerpt from Cheshire Photographic Memories, by Clive Hardy

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