Corringham, Giffords Cross Avenue c.1960

Corringham, Giffords Cross Avenue c.1960

Neg. C243055

Memories of Corringham

My Dad The Greengrocer

My mum & dad, Pam & Stan Waterfall had the greengrocers shop between 1964 to, I think about 1971. We lived above the shop in a small 2 bedroom place; my sister Sue & I ...Read full memory

Photo Date Of

We live one hundred yards beyond these vehicles, towards the bottom end of Woodbrooke Way. Our house was built in 1958, so this photo must be later - and at a guess I'd say around 1960. Lovely nostalgic images though.

A memory of Corringham

Where I Was Born

I was born in a bungalow to the left of this photo; it was my nan and grandad's. In fact the back part of the car that can be seen on the right of this photo could well have been my ...Read full memory

A memory of Corringham

1955 To 1972

I grew up in one of the bungalows at the foot of One Tree Hill and often spent weekends and school holidays with the Keeper's children, Peter and Jonathon Scott.  One Tree Hill was ...Read full memory

A memory of Corringham by Stephen Dann

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