Corringham, Giffords Cross Avenue c.1960

Corringham, Giffords Cross Avenue c.1960

Neg. C243055

Memories of Corringham

The Corringham Bull

The Corringham Bull brings back memories for me too. I remember very well the legendary publican Charlie Abbott, better known as 'short change Charlie'. I left Corringham in 1963 ...Read full memory

School House Or Church

Is there anyone out there who remembers the building that was located where the car sales place/petrol station is on Lampits Hill. It was either a school house or church. ...Read full memory

Giffords Cross Cottages

The houses at the end of the shopping terrace were my home for a number of years. They were called Giffords Cross Cottages. They were decorated for the Coronation ...Read full memory

A memory of Corringham by Peter Studd

The Old Conker Tree

This photo is taken from outside my grandparents house, Church Cottage, Church Road. This old tree caused some stress to my granddad as every year children would come and throw ...Read full memory

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