Deal, Sholden Church 1918

Deal, Sholden Church 1918

Neg. 68503

Memories of Deal

Riceman's Fire

Riceman's fire was Sunday 6th October 1963. I am researching a book on Deal's shops and have been given the local newspaper for that week. The front page banner headline is "Deal store ...Read full memory

A memory of Deal by Judith Davies

Sholden Kent Near Deal Kent. 1810 91 Norris Marsh & Berwick Family

George James Norris and his wife Charlotte, nee Halliday, lived at Alders, Sholden with their 5 children in 1891. Miss Sarah Norrice who ...Read full memory

A memory of Deal

Happy Days.

I was 16 yrs old when I moved to Deal with my parents; we moved into a lovely old house in Cowper Road. I soon made friends. I used to go into a coffee bar called The Good Intent, it was ...Read full memory

A memory of Deal

Canada Road Primary School

Are there any pupils out there who went to Canada Road Primary School. Walmer, Deal. Kent, U.K. in the War years of 1941 to '45? The Headmaster's name was Mr Morris, and his ...Read full memory

A memory of Deal by John Ford

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