Epping, The Wake Arms Inn c.1955

Epping, The Wake Arms Inn c.1955

Neg. E38050

Memories of Epping

Burned Down

I worked in the pub, restaurant, whatever, after it had replaced the pub, what a crying shame that the pub had gone. Anyroad, there was a massive fire which started in the kitchens, and I ...Read full memory

A memory of Epping by Malcolm Hookings

The Cattle Market

The wooden railings to be seen in this photo is the old Epping cattle market where the animals were sold on market days. There is a memorial/water fountain still standing which would have originally been in the middle of the cattle market at the church end of Epping High Street.

A memory of Epping

My Next Door Neighbours Memories Of Epping In Ww1

I grew up in Epping, living next door to an old lady, Ann Young (nee Shakespeare), who lived in a bungalow her husband built on Bower Hill crica the ...Read full memory

A memory of Epping

We Used To Go To Epping Somedays To Shop

While we lived in Old Harlow we used to go shopping in Epping.  

A memory of Epping by Eddie Tait

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