Greenock, Strathclyde
Photos, Maps, Books and Memories

Where Is My Birth Mother

My birth mother was born in Greenock on September 26, 1926. I have been looking for her for 35 years. She came to Canada before I was born. I was born in 1950 and I don't ...Read full memory

A memory of Greenock by Maureen Somers

Days Gone By

I remember the Blitz and losing family at 43/45 Belville Street. I was only 7 then didn't fully realize the overall mayhem of these two nights in May 1941. My dad moved us all to New ...Read full memory

A memory of Greenock by Ed Bignell

Highland Industries

Would anyone have information on a company called Highland Industries? it was located in Greenock Scotland.

A memory of Greenock by Patty Moriarty

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