Greenock, Strathclyde
Photos, Maps, Books and Memories

Best Years Of My Life

From my birth in 1945 to my departure from Greenock in 1958 I think I can honestly say were the best years of my life. I was born in Oakfield Terrace, I was the middle of three ...Read full memory

A memory of Greenock by Allister Jones

Happy Times

My family and I lived in 27 Bruce Street, Greenock, up in the attic flat room and kitchen, there was Mum and Dad and my sisters. My dad worked as a train driver and used to drive his train ...Read full memory

Proud To Have Been Born In Greenock

I was born in Greenock in 1953 and we left in the late 1960s, we moved to England due to the fact there was no work in Greenock. I never liked being away from all ...Read full memory

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