Ham, Greater London
Photos, Maps, Books and Memories

Historic maps of Ham and the local area, hand-drawn by Ordnance Survey cartographers and Samuel Lewis.

Photo Books on Ham

Browse 142 photo books on Ham and the surrounding area.

Happy Childhood

my grandparents lived in Ham ,& before that Petersham .Many happy days were spent with them on Ham common playing rounders football etc ,the pond fishing for tadpoles, Richmond park the polo ...Read full memory

A memory of Ham by Ann Ward

A Ham Family

My mother and father lived in Evelyn Road - the cul-de-sac opposite the large white house in the distance - mother still there - lived in two of the houses for all her eighty years - married ...Read full memory

A memory of Ham by John Clifford

Our Happy Days In Ashburnham Road

My family lived in a prefab in Ashburnham Road. Dad worked for the Home Office, Mum stayed at home. Looking back, they were happy days - long summer days, adventure trips ...Read full memory

A memory of Ham by Chris Smitherman

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