High Wycombe, The River Wye And Queen Victoria Road Bridge c.1955

High Wycombe, The River Wye And Queen Victoria Road Bridge c.1955

Neg. H84058

Memories of High Wycombe

Happy Days

My mum and dad always told me they had many happy days sat on Tom Burts Hill - where did the name come from? The building below is the original hospital I think. The view there is so nice compared to now, just houses and traffic yuk!!!

A memory of High Wycombe

Heady Days In 1955 1956

In January 1955 I started as a sixth former at the Royal Grammar School. It was a culture shock after an independent school, but a very good way to get focused. I lived at ...Read full memory

1949 Onwards At High Wycombe

I was born in 1949 at home in West Wycombe Road and lived in the area until 1969. My family owned one of the two Corn & Seed Merchants businesses called Jones and ...Read full memory

Mod Wall

In the early to mid 1960s High Wycombe Town Hall was a wonderland for the emerging music scene. On Tuesday nights for 7 shillings and 6 pence you could see improbable acts like The ...Read full memory

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