High Wycombe, The River Wye And Queen Victoria Road Bridge c.1955

High Wycombe, The River Wye And Queen Victoria Road Bridge c.1955

Neg. H84058

Memories of High Wycombe

Evacuee From London

Dear Sir/Madam. I am at present researching my childhood days at 86,Easton Street Boys Hostel, High Wycombe. I do remember walking to school with other boys alongside the ...Read full memory

Wartime Wycombe

Evacuated here just before the war, I went to Wycombe Preparatory School for six months. I later went to the High School, which was then up Amersham Hill. The School Sports field ...Read full memory

A memory of High Wycombe by Ann Martyr

Frogmoor, High Wycombe

I arrived in High Wycombe in as a young girl in 1946, from Scotland. I attended St. Bernard's Convent school. It was situated in a very large old house on the London Road, ...Read full memory

Wycombe In The 1970's

I was born in 1966 in Swindon but I would spend every weekend in Green Street, High Wycombe with the grandparents (Austin). My father played the piano in the dance band ...Read full memory

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