Kidderminster, Blackwell Street c.1967

Kidderminster, Blackwell Street c.1967

Neg. K16108

Memories of Kidderminster

Kiddy Times And Shuffle

Seemed like everybody knew everybody in the town in the 1950s and a trip to town with grandma was an obstacle course of gossiping delays riddled with 'not for the ears of ...Read full memory

A memory of Kidderminster


I once found the long lost "Blackwell" in Blackwell Street, Kidderminster......It was very large, and very deep..... it was around 1967-68 time! We had to locate it as it was somewhere ...Read full memory

A memory of Kidderminster

1960''S Kidderminster

My dear old hometown. I was 18 when this picture was taken. The Swan pub is on the left, and the Co-Op is where the blinds are. Just around the corner from The Swan was a ...Read full memory

Kidderminster Year Of Being A Resident

Towards the end of 1968 my husband had to complete a year's site experience and his placement was at Kiddie.  We left our home in Kent and moved up. ...Read full memory

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