Kidderminster, Blackwell Street c.1967

Kidderminster, Blackwell Street c.1967

Neg. K16108

Memories of Kidderminster

1960's Kidderminster

If you followed this street to the end and turned left it brought you to one of the oldest pubs in Kiddy. I'm pretty sure it was The Seven Stars but my memory is not what it ...Read full memory

St. Mary's

Several of my Tarbox ancestors were baptised at St. Mary's. William Tarbox, b. 1849 (wife Helen Pitt Cooke) lived on Broad Street and he worked as a weaver. He left for NYC in 1880, ...Read full memory

Picnic And Paddling

I can remember going to the park when I was a little girl, I loved to paddle in the pool, and we would take sandwiches. It was my favourite place ever in the summer.

A memory of Kidderminster

Early '50s

Lived Wolverley - Just a few items on Kiddr from dim recall -town cinema - a screening of a western, Jeff Chandler as Indian warrior - Cochise? -a bigtop circus - Billy Smart or ...Read full memory

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