Memories of Kilburn

Harben School, Grange Park, Galty Moor Roller Skating.

Flavia's starlet Quex rd. Beckford School Broomsleigh Street then Harben School Kilburn. School dentist Kingsgate road (frightening) Grange Park. ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn by Wendy Seth Ward

Grange Park

Does anyone remember the stage in Grange Park? On a Friday evening they used to put plays or musicals on. Kids weren't let in until they were a certain age and they had to be accompanied by ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn

Kilburn, Grange Cinema

I lived in Torbay Road just off the Willesden Lane and our two parks were Queens Park and Grange Park. The State Cinema seemed very grand, so we all used to go to Saturday morning ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn

Cricklewood And Kilburn Area

I was born in this area in 1939 and lived in Cricklewood until 1955 when we moved to Dollis hill (Hamilton Road). We were in Olive Road throughout the war and would ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn by Valerie Clemens

Mick's Cafe

I remember my sister and I going to what we used called Mick's café in Willesden Lane, we were too young to go anywhere else and we would get our flat white or cappuccino and just thought ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn

Carlton House Kilburn

Born in 101 Albert Road, moved to Charlton House and lived in flat No.38; the Whitby's, Streets, Watsons, Sullivans, Corrs, Reynolds, Ryans, Butchers, were all my neighbours. I ...Read full memory

Eresby Mews

I was born in Eresby Mews in 1948 in a flat above an old stable or coach house, my father Harry was born in the same mews in 1905. He owned a garage business in the mews from the 1930's ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn by John Floyd

Born But Not Bred

Born to Kathleen Leniston, and Ned Leniston July 1951 in Torbay Road, to the glorious rolling green fields (joke) of Kilburn. There were still bloody big holes where buildings used to ...Read full memory

Hardyments Hardware And China Store

In 1961/62 I used to have a Saturday job in Hardyments, on Kilburn High Road, a real old-fashioned store selling all sorts of china and hardware. The assistants had ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn by Janice Stevens

Shopkeepers 1912 To 1976

Born Dec. 1924 Dollis Hill Ave, son of E.H.Carter who lived at Crown Terrace. In 1912 he opened his half-shop as a newsagent and tobacconist, joined-up in 1915 and left the ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn by John Carter

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