Lowestoft, Punch And Judy, Children's Corner 1952

Lowestoft, Punch And Judy, Children's Corner 1952

Neg. L105079T

Memories of Lowestoft

Lowestoft From The 1920s

I have come to know Lowestoft only quite recently but the name has happy memories for me having heard it spoken of so fondly when I was a child. My father's family moved ...Read full memory

Big Freeze

I was born in Lowestoft in 1952. I went to Lovewell Road School and in 1963 we had the harshest winter for years. No heating at the school but no getting sent home then! Our teacher (Miss ...Read full memory

A memory of Lowestoft by Philip Hannah

Punch And Judy

My sister Irene hated any kind of puppet and I clearly remember her standing on the promenade screaming at our brother and I to come away. We were having fun and thought her a nuisance. It might well have been 1950, who knows?, and Peter and I may be in the photo?

Photographer's Kiosk

This photo show a small photographer's kiosk. I obtained a Frith print of this image but with a magnifier all I can see is the dot screen used to produce the print. I wonder if anybody knows who was running the photographer's kiosk in 1955?

A memory of Lowestoft by Paul Godfrey

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