Margate, Hotel Metropole 1892

Margate, Hotel Metropole 1892

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Memories of Margate

The Town Of My Birth

This is one of my endearing images of Margate. I was born at 5 Market Place, which lies just behind the lower white buildings to the centre rear of the photo. It was 1952 and my ...Read full memory

A memory of Margate by Peter Croft

Nayland Rock Cafe

As a child we used to visit Margate on a regular basis, before the war. We used to have a tray of tea from the Nayland Rock Cafe which had a special smell and distinctive china. I would love to obtain a photo.

A memory of Margate by Celia Clinker

Margate Memories Of The 60s

I was very fortunate to be able to spend three wonderful holidays in Margate 1960-1962. My friend's family took me along on their family holidays staying at the Salvation ...Read full memory

A memory of Margate by Hilary Lloyd

The Stone Family Of Margate

What wonderful memories I have of my childhood holidays in Margate. Reading others memories bring them all racing back. The children born just after the war were so lucky. ...Read full memory

A memory of Margate by Pauline Stone

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About this photo

The impressive facade of the Hotel Metropole, with the Ship Hotel next door, faced the end of the Jetty to greet the thousands of holidaymakers who travelled down on the paddle steamers. In the foreground is a 'guess your weight' machine, where you only paid if the proprietor guessed your weight correctly. He could do this by cleverly adjusting the weights to his advantage. Six houses to the left was the lodging house of Mrs Sophia Booth, where J M W Turner stayed between 1827 and 1851. From here he painted watercolours of golden sunsets over the sea to the west and the misty dawns to the east. Between 1939 and 1945 the Hotel Metropole and surrounding properties were demolished as part of the town's Fort Road Improvement Scheme. The area as it was before demolition can be seen in the aerial photograph on pages 8-9. Three acres of rundown cafes, souvenir shops and a wooden arcade were cleared, and a new dual-carriageway swept down the hill offering a clear panoramic view of the sands and bay.

This is an excerpt from Margate Town and City Memories, by Alan Kay

Built as the Pier Hotel in 1891, the Metropole stood at the landward end of the jetty. It was demolished, along with the adjacent buildings including the Ship Hotel, in 1938 to make way for Fort Hill and the

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