Memories of Oadby

Swimming Lessons

As a pupil at Launde School it was compulsory that we were taught to swim at Oadby Swimming baths, for those of you who know Oadby today it wasn't the newly built baths on Brabazon Road, ...Read full memory

A memory of Oadby by Karen Miller

Fluids Lane

This was a wonderful wildlife haven for children and I well remember playing for hours on end in the stream which meandered through. We lived in the Vicarage at No 1 London Road and had the ...Read full memory

A memory of Oadby by Steffan Hughes

Early Fifties Oadby

This picture brings back happy memories, I was born in Oadby when it was a village like this picture shows, it was a wonderful time. The picture shows the large building on the corner ...Read full memory

A memory of Oadby by John Warner

Oadby Cinema

I can remember going to the Oadby cinema. I believe it was owned, or at least run by the father of a schoolfriend. It was commonly known as the 'Oadby flea pit', not that any of us actually saw or were bitten by fleas

A memory of Oadby

Swimming Baths

My twin sister and I used to go to the Oadby baths on a Saturday morning with some friends, and we always used to have a race to see who got in first. Unfortunately one week I forgot to take ...Read full memory

A memory of Oadby by Patricia Pike


Going to Mr Allens chemist and walking to Sandhurst street School'also going to the public library over the swimming baths

A memory of Oadby by Valerie Freeman

Chemist Shop And Swimming Baths

I think the chemist shop is on this road, along with the baths,

A memory of Oadby by Christine Price

Black Pad

We lived on Greenbank Drive and we used to walk to Langmoor School down the Black Pad, which is now called Lawyers Lane. Farmer Steele had his farm down there and we always used to stop and look ...Read full memory

A memory of Oadby by Patricia Pike

Fluids Lane

A demi paradise, Fluids Lane was at the far end of the village towards Glen Road, I think. It contained a stream, and woods. What wonderful memories I have of that place, nothing can compare, ...Read full memory

A memory of Oadby by Christine Price

Allens The Chemist

I think Mr Allen was succeeded by his two sons who ran the chemists for some years. Presumably gone now. I also have fond memories of the swimming baths where I learned to swim with my friend Michael Tunnicliffe and of the old library above the baths. Wonderful times.

A memory of Oadby by Steffan Hughes

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