Memories of Purley

Growing Up In Purley

When I lived in Purley, there weren't many stores.  I can remember when Sainsbury's opened across from Purley Fountain.  There was a toy shop in the High Street called ...Read full memory

A memory of Purley by Liz Williams

Main Road Purley

I lived here from 1965 through to the end of the seventies. The council offices are on the left, just out of view and before the fire station. Old Lodge Lane is on the right. You can ...Read full memory

A memory of Purley

Reedham School

I attended Reedham School from 1957 for a couple of years. My father had pased away and my mother sent me to Reedham, our home was in Harrow, Middlesex. I have read some of the other ...Read full memory

A memory of Purley by Susan Mc Donald

Purley High Street 1949 1952

My dad was the manager of Elliotts Shoe Shop in Purley from 1949- 1952, after he was demobbed from active service in the War. We lived above the shop in one of the flats. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Purley by Lesley Smith

Working In Dartmouth Road

I worked at the gas board showroom on Dartmouth Road. It was next door to the bank on the corner of London Road. As well as selling gas appliances and receiving payment on gas ...Read full memory

A memory of Purley by Raymond Day

Purely In The 60s

I was born in Purely hospital in 1960 and lived in Grasmere rd until 1979. I remember going to ballet lessons somewhere upstairs near the top of Russell Hill rd, and creche was in the ...Read full memory

A memory of Purley by cathrynmoon

Swimming At Reedham Orphanage

I went to Whyteleafe Grammar school. At the time it was an all girls grammar school. We used to go on a coach to swim at Reedham Orphanage. I didn't know how to swim and ...Read full memory

A memory of Purley by Liz Williams

Purley / Woodcote 1960's

We lived at 18 The Bridle Road (off Foxley Lane) for many years. Attended Collingwood Boys' School (Wallington) - great school for punishments; Woodcote Secondary (like a holiday ...Read full memory

A memory of Purley by Douglas Mitchell

Growing Up In Purley

I grew up in Lansdowne Road, Purley. On Suday evenings in the summer, we used to sit on the edge of the fountain and watch the traffic coming back from the coast. Sometimes the cars ...Read full memory

A memory of Purley by Dennis Curtis

I Hate Reedham

The day after our trip to London, I woke in the morning and was told to immediately get dressed and put on my new shoes and overcoat by mother. We dropped Bernard at Aldersbrook School ...Read full memory

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