Rochester, Eastgate House 1894

Rochester, Eastgate House 1894

Neg. 34038

Memories of Rochester

Traffic Jams At Star Hill

I regularly went across this junction on the bus to and from home in Rochester and school at Chatham between 1955 and 1961. The Gaumont cinema was directly across the road ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochester by Keith Mungham

This Is Jacksons!!

This is Jackson's Field - I lived in one of the houses opposite the rectangle in the background. This was an old WWII water tank and was still lined with metal and we'd play in it ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochester

Milk Boy

I was a milk boy for Bourne and Hilliers in the 1970s. I would oftern go to the Red Lion after my rounds on pay day for a pint or two and throw some darts - Tom was the landlord of the Red ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochester by Andrew Carter

Rod Hull And Miss Havisham

I took part in a simple survey of Restoration House in the early 1990s when the Local Authority were considering buying the property from the children's entertainer Rod ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochester

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