Stanwell, The Village Hall c.1955

Stanwell, The Village Hall c.1955

Neg. S588029

Memories of Stanwell

Oaks Rd Oaks Rd Stores Stillthre

george rayner &is wife ran rayners stores since prior to my birth in 1st foor front bedroom on 5nov. 1946 at oaks road stores store -grocers run by my grand parents fred & elsie sherwood

A memory of Stanwell by John Howell

Memories Of Stanwell

I am a Stanwellian but I have lived in Sussex for 40 years. My memories of the village are the large mansion in Oaks Road almost opposite the entrance to the recreation park, now ...Read full memory

Rayners Stores

This view is of Rayners Stores on the left looking towards the Wheatsheaf pub and Village Hall with Oaks Road off to the right. A public telephone call box stood on the right as did a Police (Tardis) Box.

A memory of Stanwell by Donald Mason

Stanwell When It Was A Village

My mother was born in Stanwell Oaks Road in 1928 where the airport is now, her family were moved to Viola Avenue when Heathrow expanded where she shared many memories of ...Read full memory

A memory of Stanwell

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