Stanwell, The Village Hall c.1955

Stanwell, The Village Hall c.1955

Neg. S588029

Memories of Stanwell

The Stanwell I Remember In The Early 1970s

I moved to Stanwell with my parents in 1959 aged 4. When I was 11 I learnt to ride at Stanwell's pony club run by a lady called Geraldine Richardson who used ...Read full memory

A memory of Stanwell

Stanwell In The 1960/1970's

I moved from Egham to Stanwell in 1966 when I was nearly 6 years old. I remember Clare Road shops having a christmas tree on each balcony, it looked like a magical fairy ...Read full memory

A memory of Stanwell

Memories Of Stanwell

I am a Stanwellian but I have lived in Sussex for 40 years. My memories of the village are the large mansion in Oaks Road almost opposite the entrance to the recreation park, now ...Read full memory

Stanwell Palace

Stanwell Palace - This was a stately residence which we as children always called Stanwell Palace. It was indeed owned by the Iraq Royal Family and was the Official residence of the ...Read full memory

A memory of Stanwell by Keith Waters

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