Swindon, Stratton, Steamroller In Ermin Street c.1910

Swindon, Stratton, Steamroller In Ermin Street c.1910

Neg. S254611

Memories of Swindon

My Home Town

I'm a Pinehurst boy infants' juniors and seniors before moving on to Headlands as the first of the Comprehensive pupils. But firstly I'm from Pinehurst and proud of it. I lived with my ...Read full memory


I remember when I was little going to Coate water, feeding the ducks and having picnics with my family. Those were the days! :)

A memory of Swindon by Jaz G

Dean Street

l was born in Dean Street in 1963 to Ann Thrasher. My nan and grandad were Rose and Charlie Thrasher. My mum had three sisters; Chris, Audrey, Margaret and a brother, Ted. We lived at 35 Dean Street - my dad, was Eric Peter Freeman. l would like to know more about my dad.

A memory of Swindon by Julie Thrasher


Highworth Warneford School is a very good school in Swindon. I have lots of good memories here and will be sad to leave :( Jaz xxx

A memory of Swindon by Jaz G

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