Swindon, Stratton, Steamroller In Ermin Street c.1910

Swindon, Stratton, Steamroller In Ermin Street c.1910

Neg. S254611

Memories of Swindon

Swindon 1963

I lived in Park South and would visit the Locarno and Macilroys ballroom. I saw most of the top bands of that era. Searchers, Dave Dee, The Kinks, Manfred Mann. I also visited the Jazz ...Read full memory

A memory of Swindon by Barry Dady


My mother worked in the cafeteria at lunch time, collecting the money from the students. She seemed to know everybody in the college and when she passed away at the young age of 48, it seemed ...Read full memory

A memory of Swindon by Patricia Beach

Swindon Play Watford For The Division 3 Championship

As a Watford football fan this was the most important league game I saw up to 1969. We were in the old Division 3 and towards the end of the season ...Read full memory

Coate Water.

I remember swimming in Coate Water aged about 8 - 10 and nearly drowning in the open air swimming pool. My cousin fell into the lake when he was about three but was rescued by my uncle who ...Read full memory

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