Teddington, Gloucestershire
Photos, Maps, Books and Memories

Historic maps of Teddington and the local area, hand-drawn by Ordnance Survey cartographers and Samuel Lewis.

Mr E Sewell

The gentleman fishing in the foreground is the late Mr Eric Sewell. He was a very keen fisherman and lived with his sister in a mansion flat in Twickenham Road overlooking Tough's ...Read full memory

A memory of Teddington by Claire Allen

Teddington Hometown

Born in Teddington in 1945. Lived in Clarence Road until 1958, then moved to the "Con Club" in Stanley Road. My brother and I were both in St. Albans Choir along with another ...Read full memory

Member Of St Albans Choir In The 70`S

Friday nights were something I would always looked forward to as it would be choir practice. My sisters and a few other girls were, I think, one of the first ...Read full memory

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