Torquay, St John's Church, Picture By Burne Jones 1906

Torquay, St John's Church, Picture By Burne Jones 1906

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Memories of Torquay

Shrublands Maternity Home

Re Shrublands my son was born there in September 1958 when it was in a large house in Morgan Avenue just up from Castle Circus. The house is still there but it is now a drug rehabilitation centre.

A memory of Torquay

I Love It

Torquay has an unjustified reputation of being a 'dump'. I visited this town for the day during a holiday in nearby Dartmouth. True, one day can't be enough to make a proper judgement but I really liked Torquay and wondered why people do consider it to be a 'dump'.

A memory of Torquay by Richard Pullin

Wartime Memories Of Torquay!

I wrote an article entitled 'TORQUAY AT WAR', which is may thousands of words; too big for insertion on this web site. If you are interested in viewing this tome, please Google 'Torquay at War by Philip Linder' It is very graphic and is a potted history of the years of 1939 to 1945. Enjoy!

A memory of Torquay by Philip Linder


I was born in Torquay in June 1954 in Shrublands Hospital (can anybody remember that hospital, it was in the Warberrys). I left Torquay when I was 23 and came to live in London, my heart is still ...Read full memory

A memory of Torquay by Andy Wells

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