Trevone, 1923

Trevone, 1923

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Memories of Trevone


My Mum and Dad and myself lived in a bungalow in the grounds of a hotel (?) for about a year. My Dad was in the navy, H.M.C.S Drake. I went to school in Padstow. Of course I was only seven so my ...Read full memory


Does anyone recall a hotel/guesthouse called Dunrovin in the 1950's in Trevone? My great grandmother had it built to give her spinster daughters a job and I am trying to find out where it would have been. If you have any further information I would be very grateful.

A memory of Trevone by Paula Obery

Wonderful Trevone

This is one of the most beautiful places in England, the rock beach is my favourite, good for walking, swimming & looking in rock pools. I started visiting when my mother took me 62 years ago (my father was born in Padstow ) & it hasn't changed. I look forward to visiting each year.

A memory of Trevone by Peter Thomas


Trevone is one of the most beautiful places in England. It has two beaches one sandy & one rocky, I prefer the rocky. My mother first took me to Trevone 62 years ago & it hasn't changed, my father was born in Padstow. What a place to live, you lucky people.

A memory of Trevone by Peter Thomas

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