Memories of Wallsend

Benton Way , Carville School And The Western

I used to live at 209 Benton Way overlooking Swans, when the 'big uns' were being built. We lived opposite Tommy Dolans shop - it was a happy place, if ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallsend

Memories Ofpalmers Buildings

We used to live in Gateshead but because father was away in the RAF he thought we should live closer to his brother who lived at 116 High Street East, Wallsend, so we ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallsend by Allen Flynn

First Visit To Cinema

My mother Cicely Fallon was born in Wallsend and she kept us laughing in Scotland about my grandfather Matthew Fallon and how they tried to sneak their boyfriends in and out ...Read full memory

For Darren

On this cold and windy winters day, we will gather all as one. Trying to find the words to say, now that one of us is gone. There will be much sadness,many tears, a sombre mood ...Read full memory

Death Of The Boyer

They knocked the Boys Club down today, folks came from far and wide. To see it come down brick by brick, and reminisce with pride. They knocked the Boys Club down ...Read full memory

Fields Of Wheat

Eyes closed I can recall at will... my childhood spent at Battle Hill.. As I walked amongst those tall tall trees, it stirred a thousand memories. The Steel Igloo, swings,and ...Read full memory

Boyhood Dream

Catching Bumble Bees in coffee jars, and Sticklebacks in bowls. Kicking the tops off Moth balls, catching newts and water vowels. Chasing after Butterflies, magnifying ...Read full memory

My Walk Home From Work.

If I could have picked the ideal weather, for my walk home from work today. It just could not have been improved upon, it was perfect in every way. A clear blue ...Read full memory

Better Times

Great Britain is in disarray, I've never seen the likes. Worse than when Thatcher telt us Geordies, to get on wa bikes. They closed the yards and factories, we had them by the ...Read full memory

My Home Town

Born in 1945 in Dinsdale Ave, Kings Estate, over the field from the pit. My aunts and cousins lived round the doors, it was a very safe and happy environment. The youngest of four, ...Read full memory

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