Memories of Wallsend

Ode To Wallsend

ODE TO WALLSEND I was born at Wallsend Village green in the heart of Wallsend Town, I spent my childhood in an era great to be around, We all grew up together and played in our back ...Read full memory

My Home Town

Born in 1945 in Dinsdale Ave, Kings Estate, over the field from the pit. My aunts and cousins lived round the doors, it was a very safe and happy environment. The youngest of four, the ...Read full memory


I was born in 1951, so belong to the generation of Saturday morning cinema goers in Wallsend who just couldn't wait for Saturdays. The choice was big in the late 1950's. The Gaumont (corner ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallsend by Michael Innes

First Visit To Cinema

My mother Cicely Fallon was born in Wallsend and she kept us laughing in Scotland about my grandfather Matthew Fallon and how they tried to sneak their boyfriends in and out under ...Read full memory


I used to go and see ted stout as a child believe he was my dads uncle, we also have family connections to the family names, bloxom, and surtees, my grandfathers name was james Daniel smith ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallsend by msmith36

Parker Terrace.

I was born in Preston Hospital, North 1943. My first recollections as a child were of living on Rosehill Road known as Parker Terrace at No7. An old lady called Mrs Roper ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallsend by Maggie Ridley

Wallsend Memories

I was born in Preston Hospital in January 1955. I lived in Charlotte Street and went to St columbas School. I remember being sent to get me mams shopping at the Co op in coach road.I ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallsend by Mary Mand

Sweet Sweet Laughter

I saw the old hop scotch in Battle Hill, when out on tonights walk. I had a flashback of wor Sandra, Scrolling numbers with some chalk. Ali Ridley, Lesley Gibson, and other ...Read full memory

Wallsend 1954 68

Born in the Green Maternity Hosp 1954, lived in Windsor Drive, Howden, Sandown Gardens, Howden and Prospect Ave. I remember being taken to the Masons Arms at Bigges Main in a ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallsend by Barry Hislop

Gainers Terrace

I lived in Gainers Terrace in the 60's with me ma, da, and brother Tom. I loved seeing the ships being built from my bedroom window, late at night the room would be all lit up with the ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallsend

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