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Stirlingshire memories

Temperance Hotel c1915, Strathyre
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The name of the hotel was The Munro Hotel, after the owner who built it. It's now called The Munro Inn.

A Child's Paradise

Temperance Hotel c1915, Strathyre
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I stayed here when I was nine. I have fond memories of it, together with the hotel dog who fell in love with me - we would go for walks across the luscious green fields together.

Across the road was the railway station where I met every train and there were loads of local places of interest - the Falls of Leny, Oban, Rob Roy's grave at Balquidder.
And it was 56 years ago!

McLaren High School,Callander

I was eight years old when I became a pupil at McLaren High School. The Rector was a fine gentleman who wore a tail coat and striped trousers. His name was Mr Leckie. We also had a janitor who wore a uniform and had an impressive row of WW1 medals. My time there was pleasant, I was not an outstanding pupil but I struggled along! Callander was a very pleasant town and the jumping off spot to The Trossachs which was well known for the Lochs and scenery. Today, it is hard to remember what it was like, so great have been the changes, and as far as McLaren High is concerned, there is now a new,very large building and a large pupil population. I have returned once to attend a Former Pupil Reunion, but it is not the same and there are fewer and fewer of us remaining from the 'forties'.


My grandfather, Norman Cockburn, worked on the estate of Invertrossachs for Sir James and Lady Wilson. Grandpa had three children, Mary, Jessie & Norman. They all attended McClaren High School. My grandmother Jane is buried in the "new cemetery" on the outskirts of town. I have so many childhood memories of Callander. I was brought up in Glasgow, but we always took Sunday drives to Callander. After moving to the USA, I visited Scotland many times and introduced my family to Callander and Invertrossachs. My Aunt Mary had her 80th birthday and I brought her to Invertrossachs to stay overnight at the "big house" which had become a hotel. Oh, we have such fond memories of Callander.


I well recall the day I set off for school, it was sunny as I left the house by Black`s garage. As I approached the school, I noticed a large crowd opposite the school gates. A spitfire had come down between two houses without touching either of them and someone was injured trying to rescue the pilot. I have no idea of the outcome of the incident, which happened the day after the raids on Clydebank .The previous night, my mother took me to the bedroom window to see the flashes and feel the bumps as the bombs landed. Luckily, the Luftwaffe never knew that the nissen huts at the sides of the roads contained ammunition! Oh boy!! Christopher Fentiman

The Old School.

I was enrolled at McLaren High School at the age of four, during the war. I was put in a class for 6 year olds because I could already read. It was my first school. However, I was not there very long because we returned to Glasgow.

My First Visit to Scotland

We had for many years spent our holidays in the Lake District, and one day in the office, my secretary said "I know you love the lakes, but have you never thought of venturing across the border to Scotland?". I had to admit we hadn't, but there and then decided to perhaps plan the next year's holiday in Scotland - and that was when we discovered Killin, in Perthshire. We rented a cottage in the village overlooking the Falls of Dochart, a cosy wee cottage for my husband and I together with my parents. It was heaven! A friendly village, a good hotel a stone's throw away, where we could have excellent food, good walks, and many interesting places to visit, Callender of 'Dr Finlay' fame, and not too far to the awesome vale of Glencoe. Our first visit was the beginning of our 'love affair' with Scotland, and many visits followed.

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