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Lower Everleigh memories

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Lower Everleigh

I was born in Lower Everleigh. I went to school at Everleigh, the headmistress was Mrs Underwood and the other teacher was Miss or Mrs Hawkins, I think. Families I remember in Lower Eve were the Townsends, Hinton, Pounds and Reids. I also remember going to school with Tracey, David and Deano.

Memories of Wiltshire


What a wonderful childhood, free playing with unlimited access to the downs and salisbury plain, with the exception of the land warden that is, Playing with Andy John and Shamus till we dropped....what fun

A "Celebration of Flight " Held at RAF Upavon With Prince Philip HRH

Hello Everyone,
I think it was 1961/2 "A Celebration of Flight " was held at RAf Upavon , with Prince Philip as the Royal Visitor to open the event . The old Hangars at RAFUpavon, the oldest RAF Camp, held the brothers Wright flying machine, which sailed across the English Channel, 100yrs before. I was only a small child of 7yrs , so would welcome any additional comments! My Father, Squadron Leader Harry Guile , an RAF pilot from 1944 , organised much of the event, and I have colour slides of some of the exhibition, if anyone knows how to digitalise them, I will post them on the site.
It was a wonderful display of flying machines and the different roles they played in the History of Flight in UK.
Hilary Guile

Moonrakers Gliding Club

RAF Upavon first came to my attention while on my Air Radar Fitters course at RAF Yatesbury in 1961.
I was taken by a friend to the Gliding Club operating from Upavon and quickly got hooked on flying. The CFI at the time was John Williamson and a bunch of other very competent pilots. I have started a blog about my experiences there and hope this contributes just a little to the history of RAF Upavon.

1960's Holiday

I came to Upavon in the 1960's, my sister married a serviceman and they stayed in a cottage with a big barn off to the left and then, on the other side, a huge big field and I am sure there was a caravan site nearby. Oh I loved it, so picturesque even for my younger years. I remember going to the same corner shop and asking for a bottle of ginger, that was what we Glaswegians called Lemonade and the likes and the young boy said he did not have any ginger, much to my family's delight when I told them. There was also another wee newsagents round about the middle of the main street. They were awful nice and let me help them out during the holidays, oh I loved it. I am just wondering if your name Frith has any connections with Friths near Wallingford, it was also a little village Richard Frith came from. He was a Prison Officer in Glasgow and... Read more

The Smith or Obriant Families of This Parish

I am looking for any trace of John Smith who married Repentance Obriant in Collingbourne-Kingston on 25th December 1773. She was my late husband's 6x gr.grandma and any info about the area of descendants would be great.

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