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Memories of Oxfordshire

The Lamb Inn

Lamb Inn c1955, West Hanney
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Growing up in West Hanney in the 1960's, a regular port of call for youngsters was the off licence counter of the Lamb. Access was gained through a single door side door, and once inside (it was often locked) one waited for the landlady, Peggy Nash, to serve us with crisps, bottles of pop or Lyons Maid ice cream. Peggy Nash always seemed cheerful, whether serving us or just out and about walking with her Airedale dogs, Jumbo & Nikki. She ran the Lamb for many years along with her husband Les, who refereed the occasional Hanney Utd game when called upon. 45 years later, my company has recently replaced the windows in the Lamb, now called Hanney Spice. The building is of course vastly different nowadays, but it was nice to recall past times for a moment.

The Green East Hanney

The Green 1956, East Hanney
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I moved to East Hanney in 1956 at the age of 4, we moved to Manor Farm Cottage just behind the centre of the photo. the large tree on the left was known as "the big tree" and it was said that Oliver Cromwell camped there, the occupant of the house on the far end of the row was Mr Creed, I have a photo of me taken in 1957 just behind his house in the orchard, where the new houses are now.Every year a small fair was held on the green, the rides were supplied by Jumbo Collins from Challow, I left in late 1966 and the big tree was felled shortly after that.
A nice village for a young boy to grow up in.
Tim Gibbs

The Green 1956, East Hanney
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I lived in the house immediately behind "the big tree" from 1973-1975. I was only 8 or 9 years old and have fond memories of climbing in the lower reaches of that tree. I have a photo my parents took of the tree in the winter, and one can see how massive the tree's upper branches and trunk were in spite of having been severely cut back over the years.

I last saw the tree in 1977 on a visit to East Hanney. I don't know exactly when it was finally cut down, but is certainly gone now. Interestingly, while visiting for the first time in 30 years this past spring, I found that one could still see remnants of its trunk if you looked under the branches of the new tree planted in its place.

The Big Elm Tree.

The Green 1956, East Hanney
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This is the best picture yet of that great old tree that I have found. I sat on its roots at the age of 5 years back in 1939, and all through the war it was a great place to sit out of the rain.
I have a picture of it when it was young, and a picture of its stump full of flowers. Its branches were held together with chains and very few kids could climb it. I haven't seen it since 1952. It would be great if someone had a picture of the complete tree.

Strange But True

My father was a bank manager in Faringdon in the 1970s and managed the accounts of the Pusey estate and the Hornby family, owners of the estate. On one occasion, during an annual fete, Dad was asked to act treasurer of the fete. He asked me to help him. On that day, two Puseys were in Pusey village.
My Pusey family was based in Oxford, where my paternal grandfather was employed in the University. His father was, I believe, a butcher in the St Clements area of the city.
In my father's family were six children, three sisters and three brothers, of which my father, Frederick was the fourth child. There were five Pusey cousins: John (son of Guy and still lives in Oxford), me, (son of Hugh and now living in Somerset), Michael (sadly deceased), Peter and Anne (sons and daughter of Harold). Peter lives in Malvern and Anne lives in America. There were also two non-Pusey cousins: Mary and Jane (daughters of Vera Heath, the youngest sister... Read more

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