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Left And Forgotten

I am now 66 and my memory of beautiful Mile Oak is as clear today as it was 55 years ago. Sadly I was one of them naughty boys (as you villagers branded us). My crime was taking 2/6p off a windowsill back here in Folke stone, one of many misdemeaners our local magistrate had to put up with unfortunately. In fact it was a care and protection order that sent me to lovely Mile Oak and I was the longest serving boy. I was there so long I ended up working with Fred and Mr Minter in the boiler house. My passions were the few hours of freedom, let out on a Saturday afternoon, that was if I had good markings that week and most of the time I did. I was in the Portslade A C F and took my Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme for life-saving at the King Alfred swimming pool at Brighton, but all this was just a pittance to the Sunday tea I used to have at Broomfield Farm in the presence of Mrs Broomfield and her mother. I recall children there too at the time but can't recall who they belonged to. Anyway my family were so poor that I was the only boy who hadn't a visit in almost 4 years and with the help of the headmaster my mum finally arrived and how proud I was. Because of the circumstances she was allowed to stay overnight it was a big occasion not only for me but for all the masters too. I had a lovely time but how I cried at that bus stop outside the school gates as Mum waved goodbye from the rear of the bus. I will have to stop now as I have tears on the keyboard. I do hope I can converse further with anyone available to comment. Thankyou

Written by Danny Featherbe. To send Danny Featherbe a private message, click here.

A memory of Mile Oak in East Sussex shared on Saturday, 8th May 2010.

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RE: Left And Forgotten

I was born at 1 Beechers Road Mile Oak, 1944. What a wonderful place to grow up in. I recall the LCC school vividly as my mother used to work there. Although we were told not to mix with the boys, we did talk to them. They were a part of our childhood memories.
I am one of the four members of the "Dream Team" who has now successfully organized Mile Oak Revisited/Reunion, twice. This event is specifically for the "kids" from the original estate of Mile Oak, Beechers Road, Foxhunters Road, Stanley Avenue, Sefton Road, Chrisdory Road and Mile Oak Road to Chalky Lane only.
"Kids" from 1930, 40 and 1950 only, which means were are all in our sixties and up now.
I was saddened by the story of the boy from the LCC school. I only ever knew the boys to be smiling and friendly whenever our paths crossed.
Mile Oak has changed radically, which is a shame, thank goodness for the preservation of the downland and Mile Oak Farm area.
For all the "kids" remember, you can take the kid out of Mile Oak,but cannot take Mile Oak out of the kid.
I have totally enjoyed meeting everyone again and look forward to many more reunions. I have travelled to Australia and America making many aquaintances, but it is the old Mile Oakians who are so dear to me.
For anyone interested in photos and or information re Mile Oak Revisited please contact me at

Comment from Bonny Cother on Monday, 9th August 2010.

RE: Left And Forgotten

Yes, I could say I'm one of the old lads from Mileoak School - 1946 to 1950. I also have been in contact with one or two of the lads from them days - but many I have read about started there after I left. I also made contact with Frank Pinner who lived in Mileoak Rd, where his mother invited boys for tea & cakes, who had no homes to go to on home leave from the school. I can't say I ever met him as I always had a home to go to on leave as did most boys. Yes I have seen your name pop up on my page, best years of my life. Its a page I started and nice to see so many comments about the school and surroundings. But I do not think you got a smile from me, as it sounds I left before the time you are writing about, although I may be wrong. Regards Trevor Whitworth.

Comment from Trevor Whitworth on Saturday, 16th June 2012.

RE: Left And Forgotten

Only by accident I found this site. I was looking for information on North House; the Broomfield farm house. It was my ancestor's family home and I spent some wonderful times there and have so many memories. I am assuming Mrs Broomfield was my great grandmother and her daughter would have been Miss Amy Broomfield, she never married. My great grandmother had the most wonderful white hair. They had a horrible black cat called Tiddles. My grandparents lived in Southdown Road. I now live in Australia; my parents brought their family here in 1964. On my first visit back to the UK I went to where the farm house used to be. It was like part of my life had gone, I felt very sad. We did live at Mile Oak Cottages for a little while. Unfortunately, my family moved around a lot but we always ended up in Portslade, and we were staying with my grandparents when we finally left for Australia. I was hoping to find out a bit more about the farm house, like when it was built and who was the first occupants. My aunt who inherited a lot of the contents of the house has recently sent some of them over to us. Amongst the things were 2 spinning chairs that I had a fascination for as a child. My sister and I have one each, so we have a little of North House here in Australia. Thanks for listening to my reminiscing, love talking about my times there. I also went to the girls school for a year before we emigrated, not long enough to make any lasting friendships though. Thanks for your memories. Regards Linda Janssen (nee Broomfield )

Comment from Linda Janssen on Friday, 4th January 2013.

RE: Left And Forgotten

I just had a thought, maybe it was the Stonery you went to, where my great uncle Bert lived with his wife Mabel.

Comment from Linda Janssen on Friday, 4th January 2013.

RE: Left And Forgotten

How many remember New England farm? A good walk through vegetable and hay fields, and past the old farmhouse, barn and whatever (piggery?) to the hill top behind the old farmhouses. To sit up there seemed close to the sky, and just be a kid. Run down the side and back around to the lower edge at the back. I once knew the people who lived in one of the two houses..... we were permitted to play on the hay under a big metal shed - it was so much fun. And then home, tired, but happy after yet another day spent out from our homes, where we had no tv no phone, and limited electrical appliances. Life was limited.

Comment from Bonny Cother on Thursday, 23rd May 2013.


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