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Wheatsheaf Inn Mollington

My Great Great Uncle William Bullock (1843 - 1903) owned/managed the Wheat Sheaf Inn for over 20 years until his death. I have an old photograph with his name on the building. He died in 1903 aged 60 shortly after his wife, who was a Charlotte Coppack. In those days it was in Little Saughall but the parishes changed as it is now classed Mollington it is on Parkgate Road and now a Crown Carvery, very different from William Bullock's day.

Childhood in The Village!!

I was devastated in 1964 when my mother told me we were to leave the village so that my mother could pursue her dream of owning her own small business elsewhere. It was a dreadful culture shock, one that has remained with me ever since. For now it is my dream to one day move back into the village I grew up in to retire.

I have wonderful memories of halcyon days in the village. We lived in a small cottage on Well Lane and my grandmother Nana Caine lived in another small cottage just a bit further on from us in Willow Cottage. My father's parents, my other grandparents, originally lived in School Cottage on the corner of Gypsy Lane opposite the original old village school where I attended.  Nana and Grandad Godwin had a small 'shippon' on the side of the cottage where he kept a few cows for milking and I believe he also worked as a wheelwright. Grandfather rented several fields off a lady in... Read more

Cheshire memories


I am trying to find Kenny Povey, his mother lived in Little Sutton, Kenny was in Neston area, then I was told he was in Blacon area and then moved down south, would anyone have any idea of where he would be?
Many thanks,
Valerie Waring

Blacon Junior School

My headmaster was Mr Williams, he gave me the ruler across my hand for being late back to school after dinner. He was OK, the two of the teachers I remember most were Miss Croxton (she was so nice and helpful) the other one was Miss Young. She was, to me at 7 years, really old and always cross but she taught us all mental arithmetic, learning the times tables - I never did forget them. I also remember the little shop across from the school run by Granny Green. I would run home from school running a stick across the school railings. If I had to go to the shops I had to take my bike, tyre and a stick... great times!

First Impressions of Capenhurst Village

I was married in 1982 and moved into Park Farm (next to the church).
There was a school, a church, village hall, a bowling green, two social clubs BNFL & EAT, a railway station and the Women's Institute.
The first major event I attended was the 125 year anniversary of Holy Trinity Church 1984, which was held on the land opposite the factory houses. The church had the usual stalls, made by Mr Stanley Pemberton, Mr White devised a church quiz, the silver band from Ellesmere Port entertained the residents and we dressed up in Victorian costumes. The church was decorated with flowers to denote the anniversary.The day ended with a free Bar-B-Cue on the Green and community singing.

The Horned Lady of Shotwick.

Back in 1959, when I was training as a teacher at Chester College (now University), I spent a week doing an environmental studies project in and around Shotwick. Unfortunately my final study was handed in for assessment and never returned. One thing that fascinated me at the time was that a Shotwick lady was reputed to have grown horns. I would be pleased if anyone can refresh my memory of this little piece of Shotwick folklore.

English at Heart

St Mary-Without-The-Walls And Greenway Street 1906, Chester
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I am an American who went to school in Chester in 1966/67. Rather, should I say, I was registered for school at Chester College. However, I can't say I was actually in the building very often. There just always seemed to be somewhere else to go, and something more interesting to see instead.

I arrived in Chester just as the hippies were raising their flowered heads back here in the beach areas of southern California where I came from, which had interested my new friends in Chester. I remember my new English friend Tristin wearing very, very long hair (for 1966) a burlap caftan and sandles, riding a donkey from the college across the Dee bridge to the Cathedral, while the rest of us followed chanting and waving branches that were supposed to resemble palm fronds of some sort. As I recall, we were the first hippies in Chester, but then I also seem to recall that the very next day we went right back to being Mods.... Read more

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