Mousehole, Duck Street c.1955

Mousehole, Duck Street c.1955

Neg. M103052

Memories of Mousehole

Summer And Sadness

It was the summer of 1981 and we had rented a cottage in Mousehole for the summer school holidays. My friend's aunt and uncle lived just across the road and it was through them that we were able to rent the cottage. I took ...Read full memory

Happiest Days Mixed With Sadness

I fell in love with Mousehole back in 1970 when I came across it quite by accident. My girlfriend and I were staying at a B&B called LowLee which is positioned just outside Newlyn on the clifftop overlooking ...Read full memory

I Wish I Had One!

This town is where my ancestors started to spread far and wide, beginning in 18th century or thereabouts. Some distant cousins still live there, I'm sure.

A memory of Mousehole by Geoff Drew
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