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Abington Street And Notre Dame High School 1922, Northampton

Abington Street And Notre Dame High School 1922, Northampton

Abington Street And Notre Dame High School 1922, Northampton Ref: 72172

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Memories of Abington Street And Notre Dame High School 1922, Northampton

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The Gayways Pop Band Venue,Northampon

Does anyone remember the Gayways club in Northampton, High Street? I used to go there to see pop bands like Dave Dee, the Hollies and numerous other rock and pop groups! It had nothing to do with actually being Gay, it was just the name of the venue...oh times have changed. I think it was run by a man called Stan and his wife, the building was very dark and full of hidden rooms, to hide in and kiss the girls. This venue was the place to be and attended by lots of old style rockers and a claim to fame was that the Beatles played there too! I had a great time there and it was important in the growing up process for a 15-16 year old. I called at the site recently and it's an Italian restaurant now!

Not so Happy Memories

My brother and I were evacuated from London to Northampton for about ten months during WW2. We lived in Alma Street, me at No:21 with an elderly aunt and uncle, my brother at No: 40. I remember the meadows at the bottom end of Alma Street, the park with a stream running into a river, a cinema on the corner by the railway, I think it was called the Roxy? Opposite the top end of Alma Street was a church with a school next door which we both attended. As 'London kids' we were always sat at the back of the class, and moved from one class to another. Occasionally milk was handed out in mugs, we had to wait until last, sometimes there was none left so we went without. There were bomb shelters in the playground. - The school appears on Google Street Maps but looks as if it is boarded up? I remember the next road to Alma Street, I don't remember the name, had a police station... Read more

Notre Dame

Abington Street And Notre Dame High School c1955, Northampton
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Went to this school in 1962, my sisters went there as did my mum....we were all Whiteheads then; Peggy, Christine and me, Charmaine. Remembering Sister Isobel, Mr Cooper, Mr Crick, Miss Southern and my favourite, Sister Bernadette.

The Haunted School

Abington Street And Notre Dame High School c1955, Northampton
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One of Northampton’s now-lost buildings is seen on the right of this photograph, the old Notre Dame High School which was built in 1871 as a school and convent run by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. A former teacher at the school was believed to haunt the building. The ghost was only seen from the knees up, and it is believed that the floor level of the hall that she walked across had been raised since the teacher’s death. The school has now been demolished and replaced with shops and offices.


Gold Street c1955, Northampton
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That building to the left on the top of Gold Street is now H Samuel. The famous point of the elderly woman who won an award for Britain's Pride when she witnessed a burglarly and hit them with her hand bag. I worked on the right-hand side of Gold Street where that background building jutts out, corner of College Street in Quicksilver between 2003 and 2008.

Margaret Durden

Nazareth House c1960, Northampton
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My daughter's great aunt lived at Nazareth House in Northampton and died there a spinster in the 1970s. I have contacted them several times but have never got a reply. The lady's name was Margaret Durden and she was a servant all her life after leaving the workhouse as a teenager. I'd love to find out more about her. Does anybody recognise her name?

Lynn's Cafe on The Mounts

I remember my mum Betty working in Lynn's Cafe on the Mounts. Mark and Lynn were the owners and I used to go there after school and spent many happy times in their home which was above (and below) the cafe. There was one couple who I used to nickname 'Sammy sixpence' as he always used to give me sixpence when he saw me. Anyone frequented Lynn's cafe, love to hear from you.

Life in Northampton

I was a bus conductor and then a driver on the United Counties out of Derngate in the 1960s. It was a great job and the Northampton people were a happy bunch. Does any one remember the Swan pub where we would drink or the St.Giles Working Men's Club which we also used? As a busman I would go to all the small villages outside of the town, I wonder what they are like now? I know Daventry was just a small quiet village. Great memories of the old bus station!


Gayways was owned by Stan and his wife Gay....hence name Gayways


I worked for a company called Biwater. They had a contract at Broadholme sewrage treatment works near Rushdun. I had lodgings with a family in Lings, John and Margaret Conway. John was originally from S. Wales. He worked at Avon cosmetics, Margaret worked at Tescos, Western Faval. It was like home from home. We'd sometimes go to the nearby pub for a drink, The Sportsman. Every Wed. I go to the Crown and Cushion on the Wellingbourgh Road. Opposite the pub lived a man who worked on the same site. His name was Ken Black and he was black. I'd call him 'Shabba' he'd call me 'Shabba Taff' we had many a good laugh. My wife was staying up with me after I was taken ill. We were in town and saw Ken, I called out 'hey blackman' and my wife tore a strip off me for doing so, Ken turned to her and said "hey woman, they call me coloured, he's got grey hair, blue eyes and a white... Read more

Calico Casa

Please reply to my private email and I can send you a picture. Your mother was a stunning girl with blond long hair.

Do You Remember?

I was born inNnorthampton in 1963, and I left Northampton in around 1981. I've seen a lot of changes in Northampton - buildings being pulled down etc.. roads now unrecognisable - a lot has changed to the town.I know we can't stand in the way of progress but it's a shame so many things from the past have disappeared forever and can never be replaced. If anyone has memories of Tralask, Dallington 1968 - Egerton House, Brackley 1974 - Hollyrood Hostel, Dallington, Northampton 1978. I was brought up in care from 1968 to 1981 and I'm searching, hoping to find pictures or information on Tralask - Lyndhurst - Egerton House - Hollyrood Hostel. Please send me an email, I'd be happy to receive any information you have.

Airflow Streamline, Northampton

My dad (RIP) used to work for Airflow Streamline Far Cotton, Northampton most of his life. 1970 onwards and I can remember standing outside the main gates, waiting for him to sneak me into the factory cos you wasn't allowed, but I was an exception. When you got to the last gate on Main Road there was a prefab of the kitchens, and my dad used to sneak me in that way. I remember the building, and some of his workmates (though I forget their names) and so I wish I had a photo but I don't. I do know the company has long ceased trading now, but Airflow Streamline as I remember, was massive in Northampton.

Gillian Mayes of Calico Casa

My mother, Gillian Mayes ran a boutique in Northampton throughout the 1970's named Calico Casa. It sold beautifully handmade women's and children's garments, including long flowing gypsy skirts and crocheted tops. My mother, would dearly love to get in contact with anyone who remembers Calico Casa, and has any memories or photos to share. Perhaps someone still has one of her garments tucked away in their wardrobe somewhere. Please get in touch. Thank you

Evacuation 1940 - 1944

Our whole family were evacuated from Bow, London, to Kingsthorpe in November 1940. This was following the sudden sad death of my father in July 1940 and the blitz that began in September 1940. On our arrival the family was split up and taken to three different council houses. Mum was with a widow Mrs. Rose Jolley (she later married again to a man named White) at 173, Kingsland Avenue. My brother Len, myself Albert and younger sister Evelyn were with a Mr. & Mrs. Middleton at 47 Western Avenue (?) and our eldest sister May was about two or three doors away with a Mr. & Mrs. Percival. The Middletons had at least two children, there was a Peter & Joy. Mrs. Jolley had two daughters, Olive & Doris. Doris a married neighbour, Bert Lorriman, who was serving in the R.A.F. and I believe Olive married a chap named ? Hillier who was in the Navy. I remember our first winter was very bad and I'm sure the snow... Read more

Memories of Granparents Harry Hill Lily Richardson

My grandparents hailed from Kingsthorpe and Northampton. They came to Toronto, Ontario in 1907. Grampa ran his own business plaster ornamental mouldings. He did work all around Toronto specifically The Royal Alexandria Theatre in Toronto. I have many happy memories of my grandparents. Grampa always called me "the little nipper". His parents lived at 5 Vicarage Lane. Grampa Harry lost two brothers in WW1. He always told my mother a story of going through the cemetery late at night when he was a child (the cemetery was very close to the house) and a goat being there. He thought it was a ghost and ran like the devil! Mom and I enjoyed a visit to Kingsthorpe in 1998. His father Samuel was a plasterer. My gr-grandmother Ellen Reed was still living during the war and got to meet her nephew George Hill who was serving with the Royal Canadian Engineers. She thought he was her son George who had died in WW1 aboard the HMS Good Hope. My uncle George... Read more

Geo Robinson

Does anyone know of George Robinson of Wootton. Apparently he survived WW1, but witnessed the shrapnell hit on my grandfather Harry Walden service No.3/10333 KIA 22-7-1916. I would be interested in any info on George as I have none other than this.
Thanks in anticipation Harry Walden.

Weston Favell Upper School 1966-1970

I went to Weston Favell Upper School in 1966 aged 11 of which I have very fond memories. I left at the age of 15 in 1970. In that time Weston Favell was on the Eastern edge of Northampton in Booth lane, The school was so small it only had 9 classes, 2 in each of the first 4 years and 1 in the fifth year. The Weston Favell Centre and the so called Eastern District, was not then built. I can remember sitting in the music room which was on the first floor at the back of the school, we could then sit in the room and see the farmers ploughing their fields. Today at the age of 55 I still live near the school and drive past it many times and I now look at the school with sadness as they have now built it into a very large school and the original part of the school has now been knocked down. I suppose that's progess but it stills... Read more

Twentieth Century Club And Memories of Bygone Times

I was born in Northampton in 1940, and lived there until December 1953. Both my dad and mum were Northampton born and bred, but while my mum's family go way back in time in the area, my dad's family mostly originated from London. However, dad was fairly well known due to being in the local boxing club, and playing in the Northampton brass band. In any event, he married my mum in 1939, and was almost immediately called up, due to the war commencing. During the following war years, my brother Michael was born, (mid war baby), and my other brother David was the inevitable demob baby. When dad was demobbed, we had already moved into a house in Grafton Place off Grafton Street, and then lived there until we moved to Dagenham Essex in 1953. My real memories of Northampton started after the war really, and we were probably the last generation to have real freedom, to be able to go to the parks, Saturday morning pictures, and virtually... Read more

Gwendoline Hodges

It is as if my grandmother Gwendoline Edith Hunt, nee Hodges, has ceased to exist. For years and through various forums I have searched for information about her and her family (Wooton locals....Horace and Ethel Hodges who lived at Resthaven Road for many years) yet have had no luck. She is listed as having died at the age of 30 in 1941 at Parkfield Avenue.
There is a bit of a sad tale, that she left 3 of her 4 children (one of which was my father) and put them on a bus to another relative, they were in foster care for many years. The other child, nobody seems to know what happened to her.
So many questions, unanswered due to being unable to find any living relatives of hers. My father's family seem to have either selective memories or none. Foster care documents cite that she tried to contact her children prior to her death, but she was prevented by my grandfather who by all accounts was a... Read more

When Young

goint to the Savoy Cinema to see and hear the Compton Organ, the cinema has now been bought by thr Jesus people & restored to its 1930,s decoration.
the name of Alan Ashton rings a bell, was he conected to the Savoy/ABC cinema years ago.
the town has altered quite a lot since those days of the 1940/50,s not as i like it these days.
i am in my late years now (75) but love the past.

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