Old Coulsdon, The Parade c.1955

Old Coulsdon, The Parade c.1955

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Memories of Old Coulsdon, the Parade c1955

School Days

Interested to hear from anyone who went to Taunton Manor School between 1969 and 1972 also Purley High School for girls between 1972 and 1974.

Jamboree Bags

Wow, I remember these sweet bags; flying saucers, liquorice boot laces, pear drops, yes it was a lovely place to live growing up. Have not been back there for many many years.

Rowntrees Fruit Gums

I used to go into the sweet shop and I had to say "a tupenny tube please, Florri".


Wow...I used to live above Brants around 1970 ish. My mum and dad (Jean and Norman) used to help run the place for Stanley Brant who owned it. His brother was Alan who used to live down the road. I also did a paper round It was a lovely place to grow up! I remember helping them get the papers in late at night. Brants was a good old fasioned friendly newsagent, not the sorry excuses you see today. John Pertwee (Dr Who) used to come in if I remember correctly. So many good memories coming back...thanks.

A memory of Old Coulsdon by Toby Kift

Leaving Old Coulsdon

I was born at 52 The Glade in 1960 and can remember a happy childhood, although my mum was a single mother (unusual then) and we struggled with money. I remember the parade of shops near me up the hill and especially the sweet shop with Mr Newby as owner. I went to school at Keston and loved it there. It had a swimming pool and that can't be usual for that time. We used to have a maypole at the summer fair and I loved dancing around with those coloured ribbons! I loved the area, with its common and the pond and Happy Valley. I can't forget the 190 red bus that took us into Coulsdon, Purley and Croydon and how we always seemed to be waiting ages for it! Unfortunatly circumstances were that my mum needed to ...Read full memory

Visiting The Sweet Shop

I lived in Old Coulsdon as a small child and can remember walking up to The Parade to visit the sweet shop.  We lived down the bottom of the hill at the bottom of The Glade and it always seemed a long hard climb up to The Parade.  We used to cut across through the churchyard. If I was very lucky I was allowed to buy a Jamboree bag in the sweet shop.  A Jamboree bag was a mix of different sweets like penny chews, liquorice sticks etc and also a small toy.   Other times I would buy a sherbert dab or 2oz of boiled sweets such as rhubarb and custard, pear drops and best of all fruit pips which were very small fruit flavoured boiled sweets so you got lots for your money. We moved away from Old Coulsdon in 1962 but I still have fond memories of the village.

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