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The Parade c1955, Old Coulsdon

The Parade c1955, Old Coulsdon

The Parade c1955, Old Coulsdon Ref: O106007

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Memories of The Parade c1955, Old Coulsdon

Visiting The Sweet Shop

The Parade c1955, Old Coulsdon
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I lived in Old Coulsdon as a small child and can remember walking up to The Parade to visit the sweet shop.  We lived down the bottom of the hill at the bottom of The Glade and it always seemed a long hard climb up to The Parade.  We used to cut across through the churchyard.

If I was very lucky I was allowed to buy a Jamboree bag in the sweet shop.  A Jamboree bag was a mix of different sweets like penny chews, liquorice sticks etc and also a small toy.  

Other times I would buy a sherbert dab or 2oz of boiled sweets such as rhubarb and custard, pear drops and best of all fruit pips which were very small fruit flavoured boiled sweets so you got lots for your money.

We moved away from Old Coulsdon in 1962 but I still have fond memories of the village.

Leaving Old Coulsdon

The Parade c1955, Old Coulsdon
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I was born at 52 The Glade in 1960 and can remember a happy childhood, although my mum was a single mother (unusual then) and we struggled with money. I remember the parade of shops near me up the hill and especially the sweet shop with Mr Newby as owner. I went to school at Keston and loved it there. It had a swimming pool and that can't be usual for that time. We used to have a maypole at the summer fair and I loved dancing around with those coloured ribbons! I loved the area, with its common and the pond and Happy Valley. I can't forget the 190 red bus that took us into Coulsdon, Purley and Croydon and how we always seemed to be waiting ages for it! Unfortunatly circumstances were that my mum needed to move, and I was pretty heartbroken leaving at 14, about to take my CSE's at Purley High School, and leaving behind my friends. I'd just discovered The Grange Youth Club... Read more


The Parade c1955, Old Coulsdon
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Wow...I used to live above Brants around 1970 ish. My mum and dad (Jean and Norman) used to help run the place for Stanley Brant who owned it. His brother was Alan who used to live down the road. I also did a paper round It was a lovely place to grow up! I remember helping them get the papers in late at night. Brants was a good old fasioned friendly newsagent, not the sorry excuses you see today. John Pertwee (Dr Who) used to come in if I remember correctly. So many good memories coming back...thanks.

Rowntrees Fruit Gums

The Parade c1955, Old Coulsdon
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I used to go into the sweet shop and I had to say "a tupenny tube please, Florri".

Jamboree Bags

The Parade c1955, Old Coulsdon
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Wow, I remember these sweet bags; flying saucers, liquorice boot laces, pear drops, yes it was a lovely place to live growing up. Have not been back there for many many years.

School Days

The Parade c1955, Old Coulsdon
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Interested to hear from anyone who went to Taunton Manor School between 1969 and 1972 also Purley High School for girls between 1972 and 1974.

Old Coulsdon & local memories

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Purley County Grammar School

The Tudor Rose c1955, Old Coulsdon
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My father taught at what was then Purley County Grammar School for Boys, from about 1935 to 1948 (with a break for war service), when we emigrated to South Africa. Like another memorist, I remember the sweet shop on the parade, where I used to buy liquorice sticks which my mother hated, as they invariably made hands, mouth and shirt dirty. She, incidentally, was a daughter of another Purley County teacher, George Bachelor, and had herself attended the corresponding girls' school, which was being turned into a housing estate when I last saw it many years ago. Also like another contributor, I attended St Annes prep school. We lived in Chaldon Way and if I walked down The Drive (where St Annes was) to the Brighton Rd directly, it was 1 1/2d bus fare home. If I walked the other but longer way to Coulsdon it was only 1d. It was amazing how many sweets those saved 1/2ds could buy! I also remember watching cricket on the green, and... Read more

The Fox Public House

The Fox c1955, Old Coulsdon
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Back in 1975/76 I used to work at the Fox behind the bar in the evenings. I also for a time worked in the restaurant. I had a lot of fun when working there, and often wonder what happened to the regulars I knew. I still keep in touch with a regular that use to come in. Happy Days.


Taunton Parade c1960, Old Coulsdon
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I lived in Old Coulsdon for many years, I used to do a paperound for Mr Cook who ran the paper shop on the Brighton road in Old Coulsdon. I spent many my summer holidays exploring Happy Valley and Devils Dyke and I used to be albe to walk to Chaldon church from my house. I have a great aunt who lived in Taunton Lane and remember Nr Newby very well. I have not been to Old Coulsdon for about 20 years now but I'm sure it's not changed that much.

Growing up in Old Coulsdon 1946-67

The Tudor Rose c1955, Old Coulsdon
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I was born at 274 Coulsdon Road in 1946, my father had a business in Caterham-on-the-Hill and my paternal grandparents lived at 31 Canons Hill - all my childhood was spent in the area so I have a lot of memories! The Tudor Rose pub No.270, landlord Bobby Lorimer (florid face) he drove a Sunbeam Rapier convertible, his sons Paul, David, Robert & Brian were good friends, David & I planted two Willow trees in the pub garden, I think one has survived, at 272 lived Bob & Marjorie Neobard, their front garden full of Daffs in the Spring. I went to Downland nursery school at age 5, headmistress Miss Martin, at seven I went to St.Annes Prep school for boys in Purley and caught the bus outside Cullens every morning (no lifts in those days). Other shops I remember are Olivers the sweet shop and grocers (Mr Oliver was a big fat man) that later became 'Pay'n'take', Brants the Newsagent (Alan Brant often did my paper round for me... Read more

Prefabs at Goodenough Way, Old Coulsdon.

Does anyone have any pictures, ground or ariel, of the prefabs in Goodenough Way in Old Coulsdon, around 1950/5. I used to live there. Many thanks Lesley nee Boxall.

Fond Memories of Old Coulsdon

Remember Old Coulsdon well, moved there when I was 9 or 10 in 1963. My father worked for the CEGB in Croydon. We left Old Coulsdon in 1972 for South Africa where I still stay today. Went to Keston Primary and later to Taunton Manor High, worked at Newby's as a paper boy and also at South Downs Timber Coulsdon on Saturdays and have very fond memories of Oak Hall Youth group Caterham. When I left school I was going to become a Lawyer gave that up and in South Africa became a mining Engineer. Favourite Pubs were The Fox and The Tudor Rose. Still remember the Bobby on his bike - how times have changed. South Africa was a big culture shock after living in Old Coulsdon for over ten years.

Downlands Nursery, Old Coulsdon

My father was killed in the early part of the war, therefore my mum had to go to work and find a nursery placement for me. We lived in Caterham-on-the-Hill and the nearest nursery was Downlands, at Old Coulsdon. I was just over l year old when I started, and was heartbroken when my mum left me, I cried all day, and the next. With the kindness and patience of Matron and her staff, I got used to the routine, and within a few weeks had settled in. My mum worked in Croydon, we would get the 7.30am bus in the morning and I would have breakfast at nursery, dinner and tea. My mum would pick me up at.6.00pm to take me home. As I got older it became a pattern of life, and I enjoyed all the activities and Miss Ford singing and playing the piano.There was always a lovely warm welcoming smell on cold mornings as you entered the door, and I looked forward to the time when my mum... Read more

My Paper Round

I worked as a paper boy at Newby's in Taunton Lane. I got up at 5 am and went to the shed behind the shop to sort and mark-up the papers. I then did 2 rounds before school for 6/- a week per round and 5/- for the marking up; a princely sum in those days. The rounds were hard work, particularly on Fridays when The Coulsdon & Purley Times and Advertiser came out. The weight of newspapers on the crossbar of a bike and the hills, Taunton Lane, Waddington Avenue and the Glade leading down into Caterham Drive, kept a young lad very fit. It's worth bearing to mind that most houses had newspapers and comics delivered and, with the exception of the Daily Mirror and the Daily Sketch, virtually all the newspapers were broadsheets.

Moving Away

I was born in Redhill hospital in 1948 and lived in Shirley Avenue. I went to Downland School which was a stone cottage called Pound Cottage just before Stanley Close. There was Cherry Tree Cottage about 3 doors up, they used to sell sweets & ice cream, we would go there lunchtimes. We used to use St John's hall to do plays & PE. I then went to Chipstead Valley School. In 1970 I got married in St John's Church and in 1976 we moved to Tollers Lane. My son Chris went to Keston School & Taunton Manor as it was then. The only problem was the snow. It was always worse on the hills. If you worked in Croydon no one believed you when you phoned up and said you couldn't get into work because the buses couldn't get up the hill! A few more houses have appeared over the years but a lot of the area hasn't changed. If you walk 5 minutes in any direction you are... Read more

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