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Old Trafford memories

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My name is Lynda Mawdsley, I was born in 1949 at 94 Oxford Street, Old Trafford. I am 1 of 7 siblings, my father's name was Stanley and my mother's name was Irene. I can still remember what the prefab looked like and some of the neighbours including Mrs Valentine who lived next door to us. I always used to hide in her home from my mum when I was little. We used the doctors in Shrewsbury Street. In the Shrewsbury Hotel my mum used to be a barmaid and was on the ladie's darts team. Our doctors were; Dr Flood, Dr Winchell, and Dr McCintyre. I went to St Brides Infant School and as I got older I was allowed to go to the Imperial Cinema at Brooks Bar. We moved from Old Trafford in the late 50's because our family was expanding. From there we went to live in Kings Lane, Stretford. Old Trafford has changed dramatically over the years but how it was all those years ago... Read more

Memories of Lancashire

Family in Firswood Area 1912--1980

In 1938 my grandfather moved from Oakfield Avenue nearby to 39 Ryebank Road when he bought a newly built semi-detached house for the princely sum of £800! My dad was then 27 and had the same first name as his dad. Very useful having his name on the title deeds when the old man died! Ryebank Road is off Seymour Grove and goes through to Longford Park. We moved in in 1959. At one time, our family GP lived just around the corner in Erlington Avenue. He just happened to be the Manchester United retained team doctor and for a while Pat Crerand lived opposite him in a three bed semi, owned by the club. When Pat moved on, another United player moved in -- ex-Arsenal Ian Ure.

Moss Side, Great Western Street

I'm Michael Hewitson. I lived in Caythorpe Street from 1945-1968. The area was in those days a caring, close community. The 'rec' opposite my street was where I learned to play bowls. The 'parkies' policed the park with great aplomb but with compassion. It was 6d to play and hire bowls and jack for an hour and I became quite good. The 'parkies' saw this and in time my fee was waived and they let me play free - good men. Two teams played at the 'rec', Great Western and Moss Side.

1946-1958, 46 Wood Street.

My mother was Jane Anne Bowcock, father James Bowcock. I had one brother, Brian, and two sisters, Mavis and Susan. I went to Lloyd Street Junior School and then City Road Secondary School. I used to go to Hulme Lads Club and Leaf Street Swimming Baths. If anybody out there remembers the Bowcocks I would love to hear from you.

Hulme 1967-68

My maiden name was Elaine Coxon and I lived in the Wellington Hotel on Stretford Road, Hulme. I loved living in Hulme at that time, before the new houses came into being, the little 2 up and 2 down where everyone knew each other. I used to go to the Hulme Library to do my homework with my friend Elaine Pargeter, we used to play on the "Crofts" as I knew them, the area where they had pulled down the old houses. I had no choice but to move to Worsley because they were pulling down the pub where I had lived for so long! I remember we used to catch the 42 bus to Belle Vue and spend the whole day there, it cost tuppence on the bus and I took ten bob with me and it lasted all day! What times they were. I have lost contact with all the people I knew back then. If anyone knows me, please get in touch, I am on FB so... Read more

The Bowcocks

Just a line to say that I remember Brian Bowcock I was in the same class at Lloyd Street school and my cousin Brian Foulkes lived at 44 Wood Street.

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