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Marden Ash c1955, Ongar

Marden Ash c1955, Ongar

Marden Ash c1955, Ongar Ref: O19056

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Secondary School

High Street c1955, Ongar
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I went to Ongar Secondary School in th 1950s. Does anyone have any photos of the school as I know it is no longer there?

Our Old Pub

The White Bear Inn c1955, Ongar
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My family used to run this pub. First, a Jane Tanner in the 19th century and then my great grandfather, Charlie Green in the 1920s. He also ran The Kings Head in Ongar for many years, leaving  in the 1940s.

Small Church in Ongar

High Street c1955, Ongar
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Hey there, can anyone help me please. My mum is trying to find a small church in Ongar which comes off the Ongar Road, it's on the right hand side and it has a gravel lane, the church is at the end of the gravel lane with a field on the left hand side.  I would be very grateful if anyone can help to offer me any information with regard to this. Many thanks. Sarah

Ongar High Street

High Street c1955, Ongar
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My mother had a hairdressing shop on the high street and one corner of the shop had a few books that we used as a small library. I was in boarding school, but on vacations and weekends I'd help with loaning out the books. We lived in North Weald at the time and I'd catch the bus at Tylers Green to make the 15 minute ride into Ongar. Some times I'd ride my bicycle from North Weald, through Ongar towards Brentwood to go swimming. I also remember that there was a friend of a friend who lived on Ongar High Street and had a small swimming pool that I went to once.

My Days at Ongar Secondary School And After

I attended Ongar Secondary School from 1945 to 1949. Some of the students I remember were Keith Mills (we were longtime friends, he passed away 2005), Len Shuttleworth, Hugh Brace, Brian Buttle, Jim Parrish, Marion Jennings, Don Eustice, Gordon Knight, Annie Stanford, Bumper Richardson and many more. Those of us that attended Ongar Secondary School got along well together. The boys were into soccer and cricket and there were 4 houses, as I remember, Shackleton, Scott (my house) Cook and Livingstone. We competed in sports every year, the houses included the girls too as they had their own sports programs. Netball was one of the games that the girls played in and it was well received by everyone. My friends and I used to walk to Ongar Railway Station where there was a small Cafe owned and operated by my then friend, Fred Childs (son of the owners Mr and Mrs Fred Childs), who lived in a cottage next to the Secondary School. Fred Junior had a sister Eileen Childs... Read more

Ongar Secondary School

Does anyone remember Ongar Secondary School? My maiden name was Marner, I had a brother Fred and a sister Stella, we lived at Cripsey Road, Shelley. I married a Brian Chaston who lived in Rodney Road. We often wonder who is still alive from our school days. We were invited to a school reunion a few years ago but everyone there was younger than us. The school is no longer there. I think it's a sports centre now. My parents Fred and Irene Marner moved to Marconi Bungalows about 1962. Dad worked at the radio station. My father-in-law Len was station master at Ongar rail station. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers us.

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