Ormskirk, The Park 1895

Memories of Ormskirk

1939 45 Bomb In Yewtree Road

I lived just around the corner in County Road and was About 2 hundred yards away when the bomb dropped.I would take issue with the writer Mona Duggan in her excellent book in the Francis Frith history of Ormskirk ...Read full memory

A memory of Ormskirk by John Parker

My First School

My family moved to Ormskirk in 1960 when I was three. My father was starting a teaching course at Edge Hill and we lived in a flat over the coal board (next door to Clarks Shoes) in Church Street. Our surname was Byard back ...Read full memory

Bomb In Yew Tree Road

I lived just round the corner from where the bomb dropped (In County Road) and well remember the event. The bomb dropped beside a tree and there was in fact one fatality of the man whose house faced the tree, he was sitting ...Read full memory

A memory of Ormskirk by John Parker

Ormskirk Orphanage 1950 1955

I was put into Ormskirk Orphanage at the age of 2 around 1952 and wonder if anyone has a photo of this place (inside or out) or any information, as I am doing a family history. Margaret

A memory of Ormskirk by Margarita Cook
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By the 18th century, Ormskirk was already an important agricultural and market town, but with the arrival of the railway in 1849 it rapidly developed as an attractive residential area for Liverpool's prosperous businessmen. With the new houses came the park, a place for gentle exercise or relaxation and a favourite walk for nannies and their prams.

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