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My Childhood in Knatts Valley

I was born in Knatts Valley, in a bungalow belonging to George and Elsie Lines of Lynwood, friends of my mother and father. George became my Godfather, and one of my names is also George. I was supposed to have been born at Lavendale but it was not yet fully built. My Grandparents, Tom and Kate Griffiths lived next door at The Camp. I was Christened at the little parish church at Woodlands, and after the war went to West Kingsdown village school. I walked each day across the hill and farmland to get there. Later I went to the local school at Farningham when a school bus was laid on.
When I was eight years old and father had returned from the war (he was in the fart east) we moved to London, however I spent every school holiday in knatts valley with my Grandparents.
I used to go swimming in the pool at East Hill (The water always seemed... Read more

Eagleton Family Living in Otford

My Grandparents, Thomas & Marie Eagleton lived at The Charne in Otford. As a child I would always play amongst the weeping willows that grew by their house. My grandad would take me for long walks across the fields where we would occasionally pick corn on the cob and even some hops. We would search for owl pellets to retrieve the tiny skeletons of small vermin and birds. We never did make it up to the chalk cross on the hill. My Nan worked in Mrs Mac's Tea room on the round-a-bout by the pond. My father, David Eagleton attended Otford Primary school. I'm told that an Eagleton also lived in the bungalow next to the ruin. My grandad and his daughter Janet are buried at Otford cemetery. My heart will always be in Otford, I have good memories there and I try to visit at least 7 times a year.

Kent memories

Memories of Shoreham And Otford

My fathers parents, Edward and Winifred Simmons, ran the general stores in the Parade at Otford in the 1950s and early 1960s. My mother, her sister and parents, Grace and Alfred Maddock, lived in Bubblestone Road. My parents started courting after going to a dance at Otford Village Hall and were married at St Bartholomews Church, Otford in 1953. Their early married life was spent in Bromley. As a child, I recall visits to my grandparents - my father driving the Anglia down the enchanting lane of Old Polhill that lead to the beautiful "golden valley" that still looked much as it would have done to Samuel Palmer when he was painting in the early 19th century. It always felt to me as if I was coming home. When I was about nine we visited Ye Olde George Inn at Shoreham on a warm, late summer... Read more

Memoeies of Shoreham

Hi to anyone who may recall the Gill family that lived in Shoreham about 60 years ago. I recall fishing in the little stream by the river and also the war memorial. My father and his brother, sadly no longer with us, were taught to play the violin; my uncle took to the violin but dad did not!!! He always said that when he went he was given some sweets, as this was the time of rations, he said it was worth it to learn to play, well nearly. His parents were called Robert Gill and Joyce Gill. Actually I think that my grandfather was known locally as Bob. I will always have nice memoires of the area and over the years have been back many times. If any one recalls the Gill family, if only vaguely, I will be pleased to read of any memories anyone may have, many thanks Sue and family.

Our First Home Was in Robyns Way, Riverhead

St Mary's Church c1955, Riverhead
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Elizabeth and I married in 1971 and moved into our first home which we bought together at 21 Robyns Way. From our house we could walk round Pontoise Close and along a path at the edge of a sandpit, past a ramshackle village hall and into this church which we attended frequently. We lived in Riverhead for more than four years and loved the town of Sevenoaks, the local Scout Troop and Cub Pack where we were both leaders, and the Bradbourne Lakes at the end of our back garden. Evntually business took us away from this lovely place and we went to live and work near Glasgow in 1975.

My Best Years

St Mary's Church c1955, Riverhead
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I was born in Tunbridge Wells, but my parents had a flat in Riverhead and we moved to London Road, Riverhead when I was a baby. My grandparents lived at the Heights, next to the church. I remember the steps the way they are in the photograph, but also I remember when there was only the one road through Riverhead and there was a row of houses opposite us which were all pulled down when I was very young and the new through road was built. I went to Amhurst School as did my dad and aunties and my grandfather was a caretaker at the school but sadly he died in 1968. I'm now 53 but love going through Riverhead and seeing the places that were all familiar to me. I remember Mr Tye the butcher and Mr and Mrs Nightingale who had the shoe shop. My own great-grandparents came from Dunton Green where they had a cobblers, they are mentioned in another book about locals and he was known... Read more


St Mary's Church c1955, Riverhead
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I lived in Riverhead from when I was 2 until we moved to Sundridge when I was 12. Our house was the one next to the church but hidden by the bus shelter in one of the pictures. Arthur Tye the butcher was my godfather. I also remember the steps up to 'The Heights' - when I was little, I used to watch the dustbins 'walk' up the wall of our back yard.  I went to Amherst Primary School too! Does anyone remember the pageant "Under the Greenwood Tree" in about 1958 or so?

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